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  1. Yep DDoS
  2. PSO2es connection to pso2?
  3. error 107
  4. JP PSO2 If you can't play PSO2 right now, it may be because it's not working
  5. How to make existing content more challenging and rewarding without changing much
  6. Guide (updated) What to do when the Servers are down
  7. JP PSO2 Future Update plans and announcement at the Osaka Event for PSO2
  8. anyone going in pso2 withdrawal?
  9. One Day More! x-post from r/pso2
  10. Who was behind the DDoS?
  11. JP PSO2 Pure Everything
  12. Nab II TA - Someone explain this shit
  13. JP PSO2 Latency/Ping
  14. Updates.
  15. The What Do You Think We'll Get For the Downtime Thread
  16. These past few days have been productive
  17. PSO2 question about deleting characters
  18. JP PSO2 Patch and Donwload Server UP
  19. PSO2 JP Servers coming back in June.
  20. Skill Reset tickets for EP 3?
  21. JP PSO2 AIS costs and info, and Dengeki Q&A from Osaka Fanfesta on Ep.3 and more.
  22. JP PSO2 PSO2 Flash backs
  24. Phantasy Star Online 2 Clone
  25. Was there really a patch? (June 26~27)
  26. Why is Rika's Claw called "Falclaw(s)" in PSU and PSO2?
  27. JP PSO2 Server is up 6/27 17:00 JST Official announced
  28. JP PSO2 IP Ban?
  29. Successful Connection Question
  30. Official Statement From GMG (Supreme Intelligence)
  31. Mission Picture this
  32. vita dependent absolutely f*****?
  33. JP PSO2 PSO2 Premium Packages Covers Scans
  34. So... What You Expect English PSO2 To Be Like?
  35. Irony?
  36. what is going on with pso2. do we wait or is this the end for majority
  37. JP PSO2 Another server thread Oh Joy! sorta not really but kinda
  38. Authorization Code issue
  39. Post here if you've spend actual money in PSO2
  40. It Ip block IN NA
  41. PSO2 Servers Situation
  42. JP PSO2 Authentication key
  43. PSO2 episode 3 boss information leak.
  44. pso2 vita problems
  45. Server connection timed out
  46. JP PSO2 Casino Lobby and other info from 6/28 live Festa
  47. 6/28 Follow Up
  48. Regarding Error 816
  49. JP PSO2 How to use MX VPN(I am not sure if it worked out of china)
  50. A way to curb the DDoS
  51. To my friends who are having problems
  52. Think this could be a PSO2 Replacement?
  53. JP PSO2 Let's be realistic...in the event of a foreign IP ban...
  54. Static IP Addresses
  55. Thoughts on a localized PSO2 though Kickstarter
  56. My character not showing up
  58. Latest Update
  59. JP PSO2 Tracerts from around the world to PSO2 (Large Post)
  60. Why most people who cannot connect now will never be able to connect again
  61. JP PSO2 Connect with VPN is safe or not
  62. Workaround on the current PSO2 Login Issue without VPN inside :) Enjoy
  63. FUN Scratch claims
  64. SEA Translation?
  65. New to pso2 and need some help
  66. Current state of pso2
  67. Download
  68. Oh great, ship 02 is full...
  69. Better to Wait this Out :)
  70. Think Sega was playing with fireworks.
  71. Screw you SEGA, I'll make my own PSO2...
  72. New Update/Compensation
  73. Compensation Reward for 7/2 question
  74. What if: PSO2 Private Server
  75. Bit of help with a translation.
  76. so still cant log in but? ??
  77. Makeover compensation?
  78. Some InGame News
  79. why do a lot of jpn players hate na players??
  80. Weekly Maintenance 07/02/2014 (Wednesday)
  81. JP PSO2 I am sincerely sorry to all PSO2 players :(
  82. Will connection Problems be fixed After Maintenance?
  83. Number of times Incapacitated
  84. Good news! Mostly...
  85. Crap, my music to follow me in the news ship
  86. How are the prices for player stores in ship 02?
  87. Shining Content on July 2nd? What are you going for?
  88. Current Situation of English Teams
  89. New Update
  90. Latest blog post from Sega
  91. Lost Love for PSO2
  92. Anyone need help with TACOs? Ship 2
  93. PSO2 Starting A petition to tell SEGA to stop this madness
  94. PZ or Dedicated VPN?
  95. Patch Failed
  96. Certification Emails Not Arriving.....
  97. not sure if anyone thought of this....
  98. Anyone else getting PuTTY errors with Pingzapper?
  99. PSO2 What music are you listening to while playing PSO2?
  100. July 2014 Screenshots & Movies thread
  101. Pso2 Esthe Ticket, what would you change?
  102. Guide Connect to PSO2 with JP Amazon EC2, Free(12mo) & Private SSH Tunnel and IP!
  103. Today's Maintenance
  104. PC Taiwan version new update, limited unit and other change.
  105. For AT&T users only.
  106. The new EQ(It's not a DDoS or login thread!)
  107. Do you think a new CPU would help out in PSO2?
  108. JP PSO2 Maintenance 7/02/2014: It's Over (Updated 17:15 JST)
  109. Changing Bouncer's Name?
  110. So what now?
  111. Server is back, unblocked!
  112. For those who have TWC and can connect post here: also other ISP's
  113. Can you connect? (Without a VPN)
  114. Item Which is your favorite Rappy Suit?
  115. English Patch broke?
  116. Confiirmed: 3-day shop passes have become 15 day shop passes
  117. So what, now verizon is blocked?
  118. Canadian Connections - Yes or No - What provider?
  119. JP PSO2 Please Help Me!
  120. Now that maintenance is over?
  121. PSO2 Do they send verification e-mails to hotmail?
  122. What do you make out of this?
  123. Before things fall apart here
  124. PSO2 JP vs SEA version
  125. Bored now...
  126. JP PSO2 Connectivity of UK Users
  127. Item Translation with newest patch
  128. Anybody able to log in to every ship BUT ship 2?
  129. Ideas for skills to make HU's Guard Stance and FI's status skills more useful
  130. So for those who still can't connect
  131. So what area's can people connect from now?
  132. Compensation items-Expiration.
  133. PSO2 US release?
  134. PSO2 I can't do ANYTHING in character creation.
  135. tracert question.
  136. Ship 2 Down?
  137. hi pls can you give me DL link where can i DL english symbol art
  138. Has Sega said anything about 107 and 249 yet?
  139. Anyone still getting Error 107?
  140. My theory of why some of us were able to log back in...
  141. How many people already know about this
  142. How good is the quality through a VPN? + minor rant
  143. Would this be safe?[Question]
  144. Has anyone contacted Comcast about connecting to PSO2?
  145. Draw your favorite NPC in MS Paint
  146. Charter Communications tech support confirms the problem is on USA's end.
  147. Can Hidemyass VPN service be used for pso2?
  148. JP PSO2 Meyfei's New char
  149. JP PSO2 Meyfei's Thought on Your Shop's Minimum List Price
  150. Confirmed 107 problems from most bigger Swedish ISPs
  151. Has anyone talked to Telus yet?
  152. So how exactly do we contact our ISPs about the situation, and what should we say?
  153. Anyone have Optimum (Cablevision) as their ISP?
  154. JP PSO2 Handful of questions regarding connection and the related.
  155. JP PSO2 Anyone getting stuck on this IP too?
  156. Videotron anyone? (ISP)
  157. Dat pingzapper.
  158. TWC
  159. Suddenlink Communications.
  160. Are there any chance that we will ever get a Beast Race?
  161. Is this fake?
  162. anyone contacted centurylink?
  163. got to player news (pso2.jp)
  164. I wonder how the JP players feel
  165. Users of TalkTalk ISP. [UK]
  166. which is better for replenishing pp?
  167. 2nd Anniversary Cup (Ship Alliance Tournament)
  168. Maybe this will shed a little light on ddos protection?
  169. June/July Update Part 3
  170. Let's be realistic Pt. 2 : Who dun it? Whut do?
  171. Confusion @ Bumped PSU Blog
  172. Asked SEGA politely in JP to remove specific IP block: "service is Japan only".
  173. JP PSO2 NEXT Maintenance?
  174. Why does playing it safe....
  175. Bout the trouble the other day...
  176. Looking for players in ship 2
  177. Hide My Ass VPN?
  178. Emergency Quest Cooties
  179. Cox ISP Users
  180. Anyone have Comcast?
  181. Who would you want to publish PSO2?
  182. Back to Er. 107
  183. JP PSO2 Anyone with OTP been banned?
  184. Mission Celebrate your Fourth of July! And PSO2's 2nd Birthday!
  185. What do you do with your rares?
  186. is AC buying safe?
  187. Issues.
  188. If you're deciding to quit playing pso2...
  189. has anybody been able to play PSO2 or its just me ?
  190. So Bumped dead or something? (temporarily?)
  191. JP PSO2 What were your plans in PSO2? (Before DDOS)
  192. Private SSH tunnel
  193. When does the campaign reward expire?
  194. Opinions on pso2 alternatives?!
  195. Good VPN Suggestions
  196. Any one know if the AMEX Serve prepaid card works for AC?
  197. XBox360 Controller.
  198. Choosing Mag R-ATK
  199. Why are stat standards different for each type of weapon?
  200. GU/RA DPS build and GU/HU DPS build
  201. Oh, so you get Skill Points from client orders, nice
  202. Random Question: Phantasy Star Online 1&2 music..
  203. So are the servers ever going to get better?
  204. PSO2 help.
  205. Vypr or Incloak VPN?
  206. Hotspot Shield Private IP?
  207. Unable to reconnect before 09th compensation
  208. Can anyone that can read japanese help me out with this uninstaller message?
  209. big vardha paradigm quest
  210. PSO2 PSO2 Dead in the west or still hope?
  211. lifesteal?
  212. newcomer to pso2
  213. Is getting banned the only worry for VPN users?
  214. What kind of content do you want for the future?
  215. IP block?
  216. roll dive advance ????
  217. English large files update problem via tweaker.
  218. How to get Titles?
  219. Just talked with CenturyLink
  220. Should I Upgrade my Media PC or Just Make a New One?
  221. [Comcast] IP Block Confirmed - Now for the good news
  222. Pso2 might be down later this week...
  223. Copied Updated PSO2 Game Folder from PC to another PC doesnt work anymore?
  224. PSO2es trouble?
  225. Lonely player looking for someone to play Pso2 with.
  226. pso2 font?
  227. Email authentication key?
  228. Tonight Maint.
  229. im gonna make a second char on ship 2 but i need to know...
  230. Cant move with W,A,S, and D
  231. Verizon FIOS - SEE HERE!!!
  232. Whats your provider and can u connect to the game/site?
  233. Able to access again
  234. connection are normal now
  235. Can Anyone Confirm this?
  236. If u cant still connect after maintenance whats your next step?
  237. JP PSO2 7/9 Maintance over at 15:30 JST
  238. Supposedly optimum (cablevision) can connect now?...
  239. Is the SEA versions unable to be accessed also?
  240. Braver Suggestion
  241. (ISP response) What to make out of this
  242. SEGA has officially dusted its hands of the 107 error
  243. It's over, guys. Time to move on.
  244. Photon art not working??
  245. What block is for tacos group?
  246. So I called my ISP and actually got some concrete information
  247. JP PSO2 PSO2 and its EN? community. Just wow
  248. Please help me beat the Captcha Boss
  249. I decided to use VPN
  250. Does pingzapper still work?