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  1. I wonder how the JP players feel
  2. Users of TalkTalk ISP. [UK]
  3. which is better for replenishing pp?
  4. 2nd Anniversary Cup (Ship Alliance Tournament)
  5. Maybe this will shed a little light on ddos protection?
  6. June/July Update Part 3
  7. Let's be realistic Pt. 2 : Who dun it? Whut do?
  8. Confusion @ Bumped PSU Blog
  9. Asked SEGA politely in JP to remove specific IP block: "service is Japan only".
  10. JP PSO2 NEXT Maintenance?
  11. Why does playing it safe....
  12. Bout the trouble the other day...
  13. Looking for players in ship 2
  14. Hide My Ass VPN?
  15. Emergency Quest Cooties
  16. Cox ISP Users
  17. Anyone have Comcast?
  18. Who would you want to publish PSO2?
  19. Back to Er. 107
  20. JP PSO2 Anyone with OTP been banned?
  21. Mission Celebrate your Fourth of July! And PSO2's 2nd Birthday!
  22. What do you do with your rares?
  23. is AC buying safe?
  24. Issues.
  25. If you're deciding to quit playing pso2...
  26. has anybody been able to play PSO2 or its just me ?
  27. So Bumped dead or something? (temporarily?)
  28. JP PSO2 What were your plans in PSO2? (Before DDOS)
  29. Private SSH tunnel
  30. When does the campaign reward expire?
  31. Opinions on pso2 alternatives?!
  32. Good VPN Suggestions
  33. Any one know if the AMEX Serve prepaid card works for AC?
  34. XBox360 Controller.
  35. Choosing Mag R-ATK
  36. Why are stat standards different for each type of weapon?
  37. GU/RA DPS build and GU/HU DPS build
  38. Oh, so you get Skill Points from client orders, nice
  39. Random Question: Phantasy Star Online 1&2 music..
  40. So are the servers ever going to get better?
  41. PSO2 help.
  42. Vypr or Incloak VPN?
  43. Hotspot Shield Private IP?
  44. Unable to reconnect before 09th compensation
  45. Can anyone that can read japanese help me out with this uninstaller message?
  46. big vardha paradigm quest
  47. PSO2 PSO2 Dead in the west or still hope?
  48. lifesteal?
  49. newcomer to pso2
  50. Is getting banned the only worry for VPN users?
  51. What kind of content do you want for the future?
  52. IP block?
  53. roll dive advance ????
  54. English large files update problem via tweaker.
  55. How to get Titles?
  56. Just talked with CenturyLink
  57. Should I Upgrade my Media PC or Just Make a New One?
  58. [Comcast] IP Block Confirmed - Now for the good news
  59. Pso2 might be down later this week...
  60. Copied Updated PSO2 Game Folder from PC to another PC doesnt work anymore?
  61. PSO2es trouble?
  62. Lonely player looking for someone to play Pso2 with.
  63. pso2 font?
  64. Email authentication key?
  65. Tonight Maint.
  66. im gonna make a second char on ship 2 but i need to know...
  67. Cant move with W,A,S, and D
  68. Verizon FIOS - SEE HERE!!!
  69. Whats your provider and can u connect to the game/site?
  70. Able to access again
  71. connection are normal now
  72. Can Anyone Confirm this?
  73. If u cant still connect after maintenance whats your next step?
  74. JP PSO2 7/9 Maintance over at 15:30 JST
  75. Supposedly optimum (cablevision) can connect now?...
  76. Is the SEA versions unable to be accessed also?
  77. Braver Suggestion
  78. (ISP response) What to make out of this
  79. SEGA has officially dusted its hands of the 107 error
  80. It's over, guys. Time to move on.
  81. Photon art not working??
  82. What block is for tacos group?
  83. So I called my ISP and actually got some concrete information
  84. JP PSO2 PSO2 and its EN? community. Just wow
  85. Please help me beat the Captcha Boss
  86. I decided to use VPN
  87. Does pingzapper still work?
  88. PSO 2 jp Site
  89. JP PSO2 Saying goodbye to friends .`(>▂<)`.
  90. A public proxy for just eng PSO2 players that can't connect. PROS? CONS?
  91. PingZapperm or Softether
  92. ? for those of u in the know
  93. Rappy Chair LA?
  94. Need to access AC page to buy AC
  95. JP PSO2 IP restriction gone in Brazil
  96. Before people say goodbye for good
  97. Is Phantasy Star Online done?
  98. Can US players access SEA version?
  99. ship?
  100. disconnection issues with ping zapper
  101. PSO2 2 Big pre-update coming, and magazine scans of new contents
  102. error 249?
  103. Balanced FO Tree?
  104. who gets the free skill reset pass?
  105. what really is happening
  106. JP PSO2 Just got blocked from PSO2 once more.
  107. To all:
  108. JP PSO2 Request from connected player... (NON VPN / PZ)
  109. Item Grind Issue
  110. Ping Zapper pso2
  111. Connecting Using Comcast
  112. [Help] How to raise a good Mag?
  113. Does anyone got "Cable one Inc." as an ISP?
  114. Verizon DSL confirmed Working!
  115. Telus Subscribers (Canada)
  116. Gameguard Errors?
  117. How much does it cost for a 11* to get latnt 3 and +10
  118. Black Screen?
  119. Should I bother trying to play this again?
  120. Total of Bans
  121. JP PSO2 Whats Your Dream Room Design?
  122. Chances of getting banned using a paid vpn?
  123. Where the heck is the twin MGs?
  124. Mag Bug (picture included)
  125. Finding Blitz Symbol
  126. Good News about connecting to the website pso2.jp! (At&t) :)
  127. This is what rogers level 2 told me
  128. Random 630 DC once in a blue moon...
  129. Should I Complete Matter Boards at 100%?
  130. Grand Prix Result
  131. Question about defense
  132. Phantasy Star Music Collection
  133. Can Mimic animation be removed?
  134. JP PSO2 Event and crap
  135. Reducing Loading Times (PSO2)
  136. Saving Arks Grand Prix Stars
  137. JP PSO2 Have you......
  138. Any reported bans due to vpns?
  139. Can someone explain to me what is happening please?
  140. VPN area suggestion for least possible chance of ban
  141. Help/tips for recovering SEGA ID password
  142. Any benefit to sub-classing?
  143. JP PSO2 The Quest for the Dragon Spirit
  144. Regarding sega of jps block
  145. New Miku Hatsune AC Scratch and episode 3 release dates?
  146. Weekly Maintenance 07/16/2014 (Wednesday)
  147. JP PSO2 problem with logging in
  148. What kind of doping do you use?
  149. Multiple monitors question
  150. Gwanada or Quartz Soul?
  151. PSO2es apk
  152. Login with Verizon phone
  153. When does the pre-patch get applied?
  154. Do you think that some people might be able to connect after maintenance?
  155. Did anyone get asked to install the pre-patch after installing it?
  156. so that's it, dance 20 is 15mil?
  157. Pso2es is really coming back
  158. Servers are up 7/16
  159. So, TD3, yeah
  161. 7/16 Comcast Update
  162. JP PSO2 getting stunk on loading screen
  163. What's with these new translations?!
  164. JP PSO2 items not translating
  165. Datamining latest patch finally reveals correct EN translation of Klotho's name
  166. JP PSO2 Armor potenials
  167. The new matter board
  168. Quick question related to SEGA's compensation stuff
  169. Good news: You can now hunt Dark Vibrace outside of Base Defense
  170. how do i find my 16 digit code for pso2es?
  171. NP Error 1013
  172. PSO2es Bluestacks Error 204
  173. JP PSO2 Unknown Item: What's it for?
  174. JP PSO2 Dengeki PSO2 for Episode 2
  175. Public Apology
  176. JP PSO2 The Server Situation Analysis Thread
  177. Does WTFast work with pso2?
  178. Do people still have issues connecting to PSO2?
  179. 20+ reasons why I should have been banned
  180. About the 12 ac scratch thing
  181. Help me out with this Captcha, please :O
  182. PSO2 updater and P2P protocol on Government/University networks
  183. Boss rare drop?
  184. downloading and signing up for pso2
  185. Is there a Guide that translates the menus?
  186. Question about mining defence (in particular, latest one)
  187. Datamining pso2es
  188. Increasing healing?
  189. Are launchers useful?
  190. The A.I.S. and Episdoe 3
  191. My personal Thanks
  192. Still cant get into pso2...
  193. JP PSO2 Finally considering alternatives...
  194. PSO2 launcher file
  195. What Android VPN App Would you Recommend for PSO2es?
  196. JP PSO2 server connection timed out
  197. Pingzapper
  198. what happened to Ulc?
  199. So we've got the crossover costumes, camos, but where is the crossover lobby action?
  200. Event Tablets, how do they work?
  201. If I was in charge, this is what I would make the final Mining Base Defense EQ like
  202. Interesting image - fake?
  203. JP PSO2 Cannot get MB16 to show up
  204. AT&T customers now able to connect!!
  205. JP PSO2 English Story Patch
  206. Favorite Moments of PSO2
  207. Photon Blasts
  208. JP PSO2 2nd annivesary Art contest, result are in
  209. Its like you guys don't know the servers are up ._.
  210. Who built the mining bases and mechas?
  211. JP PSO2 First look at the Mahouka AC oufit in August scratch.(NPC in Swimsuit in august LQ)
  212. Who can connect to the game?
  213. Dark Falz: Who is what?
  214. PSO2es login troubles.
  215. Pingzapper connection
  216. can't play the extra chapter =(
  217. Ranger: Satellite Cannon Art
  218. For those unable to get back on what have you been up to.
  219. pso2 playpark vpn question
  220. present box question
  221. loading screen
  222. So, why Hebrew Punisher?
  223. Anyone have that video of the old alpha?
  224. JP PSO2 Help with Character creation
  225. Voice tickets in english
  226. 2nd Anniversary , how long does it last?
  227. Light as the best element?
  228. is crafting worth it?
  229. Why don't we have a PSO2 section on the left?
  231. 1000 points on arks battle festa?
  232. A few newbie questions...
  233. JP PSO2 Servers offline?
  234. PSO2 Playpark
  235. PSO2 Launcher Error 107? Help!
  236. help with missing scene?
  237. PC graphics problem?
  238. JP PSO2 NicoNico Live Broadcast #22 Info threads - Added skill tree and Balance change slide
  239. Whats new in PSO2?
  240. JP PSO2 3000 AC for Player ID Name Change
  241. Now that's a new one for me
  242. Working on researching Seiyuu/vocal song data for the game. Could use help with it
  243. Compiled rebalance changes for EP3
  244. Thinking of making an alt for VPN play
  245. So...since Yu Suganuma is in charge of Ep.3 and Balancing.. Pt.II
  246. Anyone here left on ship #6
  247. PuTTY Connection Errors
  248. For those who can and cant connect whats new with you guys?
  249. *spoilers* rushing the matter board untill...
  250. A short questionnaire for those who got 816'd