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  1. Shop and re-customize Character Question (Shop for real money in game)
  2. Fastest way to do some meseta? D:
  3. [Help] Br/Hu Build and Mag
  4. Which Bullet Bow's are you RA/BR People Using?
  5. Guide Solo Extreme Quest - Q&A, Tips and Strategies
  6. help to fo/te
  7. Can make an Invade and an Orbit. Which ones?
  8. Hey Rangers can you tell your DPS?
  9. Newly returned, need help
  10. Average Stance + Weak Stance?
  11. SEA Te/Br Experimental Build
  12. te/br vs fo/br
  13. Guide Summoner Q&A: Beginner Guide and General Info. Maron/Melon, Rappy info dump at bottom
  14. MLG pet candies description
  15. Returning Player Tons of questions about braver class
  16. Need Help with AC Scratch Items
  17. RA/BR bow type build for burst damage
  18. Braver Skill Tree, need help with it
  19. gunslash extend
  20. cant seem to make a sage id
  21. Item What should i sell now and what not?
  22. FI/HU = TANK?
  23. What is a good sub for summoner?
  24. Items Elemental Question :X
  25. PSO2 Best Gu/Ra and Gu/Hu Builds
  26. BO/GU GU/BO
  27. Does anyone know which Summoner PAs are the most useful?
  29. Episode 2-6 Glitch
  30. FI/BR or BR/HU builds please
  31. Help with Fo/Br
  32. PSO2 melee/techs hybrid TE
  33. Need Gunner advice.
  34. Getting back playing RA help
  35. Need help finishing this Skill Tree (Fi/Hu)
  36. Need help to pick Best DPS solo class combo (2016)
  37. PSO2 Ra/Gu Builds / advice
  38. Barebone Skills(Alltree reset)
  39. TIL 12 People Using AIS Beam On TD4 Apprentice Gia Instantly Kills It
  40. BR/HU Skill tree
  41. Best Weap FI/HU but not 11*+
  42. any estimation for how long take get an orbit weap?
  43. Orbital Bow Pot 1 or 2?
  44. PSO2 To Craft or Not to Craft
  45. Help regarding Requests
  46. Most worth to get austere weapon
  47. Guide Gathering and Skill Rings Q&A - the guide nobody asked for or needed.
  48. PSO2 Returning player with loads of Force aka"magic" Questions
  49. Registration Guide
  50. JP PSO2 Skill ring Quick breakdown of all rings, and a level guide.
  51. JP PSO2 PSO2 Support Tool
  52. HF Blade (Tokyo 13* Katana) Discussion
  53. can you enjoy the game as much without using real money?
  54. HU / TE Talent
  55. Tips for Farming AQ specific lvl 17 PAs?
  56. PSO2 Modding Tutorial
  57. Need JoyToKey Info/Help
  58. Mag Actions help pls?
  59. PSO2(non SEA version) manual patch
  60. How to play TMGs?
  61. What Is currently the best subclass for a pure bow braver?
  62. Is there any reason for using Gunslash?
  63. Auth Key alternative! (WORKS)
  64. Tips for a beginner in Hunter/ranger
  65. Account management, without spending money
  66. Skill Tree upon messing up
  67. Vinculum
  68. Another Noob thread: Eggs and rare items
  69. Searching for Br/Hu Bow skill tree
  70. New to force, Need help with a few things.
  71. Coming back to the game on PS4
  72. Gu/Ra vs Gu/Hu?
  73. kinda new and need a bit of help
  74. Guide Simple PS4 Options Translation
  75. invader or revolution wl
  76. Need help learning how to affix.
  77. Good sub for Double Saber main?
  78. any good updated Gu/Ra (87/87) build?
  79. Difference between NT & Non-NT gear?
  80. Melon Pet Question
  81. JP PSO2 Item Menu Translation
  82. JP PSO2 Unlocking more Stages
  83. Guide Phantom Yamato - Guide and Information thread (updated with full correct explanation)
  84. any updated Ra/Hu (89/89) build?
  85. Concerns regarding webmoney purchase
  86. Excube farming and extra pet eggs
  87. Help a newbie trying to be a good Force^^
  88. 5 Combat Tips for Beginners
  89. English translated start menu emulator
  90. Guide Any nice Ranger/Gunner Build?
  91. What are all the differences between crafted PAs and their original versions?
  92. Fighter skill tree help
  93. Guide Mini-Guide: A few things expected of players in an XH multi
  94. JP PSO2 Dual Daggers Skill rings FI/HU
  95. New menu translation needed
  96. PSO2 So I Hopped Into a Random Time Attack Party... Teleporting?
  97. Fi/Gu or Gu/Fi (2016) which one has the better all class weapon between...
  98. Su/br question
  99. Skill rings
  100. question about collection sheets
  101. How much game play of PSO2 a day is healthy?
  102. Guide Ride On! Intro to Riding Quest + Discussion
  103. Item what to do with item drop
  104. Playing for the Niche! (Class set ups that are fun)
  105. FI/HU help after all updates?
  106. PSO2 need help with PS4 control settings
  107. Guide Can't Disband My Team
  108. All class builds?
  109. Help needed with Affixing.
  110. Vita PSO2 on the Vita...Switching Sega ID?
  111. I need skill tree help for FO/TE Ice/Light
  112. Multi-class leveling builds needed
  113. Any up to date guide for Katana's?
  114. PSO2 Any PSO2 PS4 Players?
  115. Hu/Fi cast build?
  116. Fighter's AOE
  117. Simple question about Sacrifice Bite and Br.
  118. Beyond Tier 6 - ReShade+SweetFX+HBAO+SMAA
  119. Is there any tips in finishing solo extreme quest with Te/Fo character?
  120. Summoner Subclassing General.
  121. Guide How badly outdated are my old builds?
  122. PSO2 Unit crafting mats chart (of sorts)
  123. Item Are these units combo any better or worse than Saiki?
  124. Hunter as an Universal Subclass for TE, BR, BO
  125. Outdated 13 star and eggs
  126. 100% 3-6s ATK & PP affix recipe
  127. Guide New player looking for Fo/te veterans help for build!
  128. JP PSO2 [Guide] How to change your Player ID
  129. Ra/Br Help needed
  130. PSO2 Alternate Drops for Orbit Collection File
  131. JP PSO2 PSO2 Modding Tutorial 2.0
  132. Quick question google authenticator
  133. Braver/Force
  134. Cookie Cutter Builds for 80?
  135. The Importance of Dexterity?
  136. need help finding the fastest way to grind a weapon to +35 for Br Lv.75 Cap Release
  137. Fo/Br Build?
  138. 215 s-atk affix guide
  139. Capcha help
  140. Help with class builds!
  141. Hero Class Discussion
  142. Affixing Help (How to mix soul with Ether Factor)
  143. HELP complete noob with classes and builds
  144. main class and sub class questions.
  145. Strongest class combinations/meta currently?
  146. Build for Fo/Te Ice/light
  147. Any suggestions for a starter charcter?
  148. effort symbol ring question
  149. EP1 Matter Board 3 A-1 is annoying me! Any suggestions?
  150. JP PSO2 Fighter/ Bouncer Question thread
  151. 5s SATK qliphad unit affixing help?
  152. Build for DB bouncer
  153. 12* unit combinations
  154. Solid build for Te/Hu?
  155. Weapon Camo Help?
  156. i have question about create second character
  157. Could use some advice on Hu/Fi tree
  158. Can Hero use compound Techniques?
  159. JP PSO2 Help with Bullet Bow Braver
  160. Help with builds... Again!
  161. My Br lv.75 cap release isn't working.
  162. Highest dps build for Gu/Hu?
  163. Would someone check over my builds?
  164. Do I have a bad loadout/classes? Opinions? Ideas?
  165. 2017 Power-leveling for new players / alt characters
  166. Returning Player, some questions, maybe a little troubleshooting.
  167. What are the best ways to earn meseta?
  168. What are the meta skills/PA's for HU/GU/TE/etc?
  169. Is PSO2 like RF or PW?
  170. level 50 braver advice
  171. Need advice with unlocking level 80 for Braver!
  172. Some questions about hero dps / dpp
  173. looking for help with a Tech crafts list
  174. Summoner Guide by U.D. (translated by Bellion and myself)
  175. Guide Phantom Class Discussion
  176. Mission lock
  177. PSO2 Phantom Lvl cap
  178. Critiqe mt Br/Hu skill tree.
  179. PSO2 Is there a build for hybrid Braver?