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  1. JP PSO2 RA/GU Tree Advice?
  2. Looking for some advice
  3. Defense Builds: A Case Study in Practicality
  4. Which missions do I undergo to get the subclass mobs?
  5. How do I SubClass, for the love of God!
  6. How well does the fighter/techer scale vs the force/hunter
  7. I need some help with my mag.
  8. What Do I Do Next?
  9. Skill Tree Reset
  10. Guide Grind Success Rate Documentation
  11. Item December FUN Scratch Items
  12. Captcha help please
  13. The Captcha tutorial.
  14. PSO2 What's the best quest to hunt Sil Sadinian
  15. So I used just reversal for the first time on my Coatl
  16. Boots? Bracers?
  17. Weapon avilaibility with subclasses
  18. Help with Gunslash build?
  19. Mag help?
  20. Not understanding the Armor Greyed out
  21. Glass Cannon or Balanced Build?
  22. Force Techer build advice
  23. Pure support build advice
  24. PB Powers?
  25. Item looking for rare item farming sugestions
  26. FO/?
  27. How do I get a new mag
  28. Gear Gauge
  29. JP PSO2 Confused on Mag Evolution: Karina Mag?
  30. Gu/Fi Build discussion/advice
  31. JP PSO2 Force/Fighter
  32. Xie quest
  33. Does race matter?
  34. PSO2 Getting started Videos, Please!
  35. Subclass Question
  36. Item Database for PSO2?
  37. Im so poor, how can I earn big maseta here?
  38. Best set for a FO-TE
  39. JP PSO2 Change player ID?
  40. Hunter/Fighter question
  41. Dark ragne
  42. what to farm to upgrade my weapons?
  43. JP PSO2 Damage Wise: Pure Mag Vs Hybrid Mag
  44. Badge Exchange Shop and unlocking all Time Attack orders
  45. Partisan Hunter/Fighter Build.
  46. Suggestions for my trees
  47. Confused!
  48. Fighter/Hunter builds
  49. Mission Echo quest
  50. Sub Class Question
  51. Time for new armor units?
  52. Stat Calculators? Do they exist yet?
  53. How are Human female gunners?
  54. Mission Weapon Extra pallete
  55. Aim to be the Top Hunter!
  56. NEW Rappy Costume to look forward to this Spring?
  57. Fighter and Hunter Questions
  58. JP PSO2 Cast Force...possible?
  59. Te/Fo vs Te/Fi vs Fo/Fi which is best
  60. Well now,
  61. Just 2 Ranger skill/build questions! :D
  62. Available items. Few questions
  63. Gunner/Ranger Skill Tree Help
  64. Hu/Te and Fi/Te
  65. Guide Nvidia Performance Boost "sorry dunno if it will work for Ati users..."
  66. what if I reset a celled mag
  67. GU/FI vs GU/RA
  68. Best Fighter subclass? FI/HU vs FI/GU vs FI/TE?
  69. Ranger/Force build?
  70. Hunter / Anything?
  71. JP PSO2 Help on Te/Hu.
  72. Gu/Te Armor affixing
  73. What does this screen mean ???
  74. How do I gunslash?
  75. Do stats increase linearly or exponentially?
  76. Critique my ranger builds
  77. Status of Magic
  78. Pure defense and ability mag
  79. In need of a hunter tree
  80. Dex
  81. JP PSO2 PB Discussion/questions
  82. JP PSO2 So how's fighter/Ranger?
  83. Fo/FI plans
  84. Crit & Techer
  85. Vita New Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita Footage
  86. Pure Range Attack Mag
  87. How to Reset a Skill Tree, or buy a new one?
  88. What is the most optimal party class set up?
  89. How much does "a" point add in any ATK add to damage?
  90. A good force/techer build
  91. Just Reversal
  92. Item Are status effects on weapons "that" beneficial?
  93. Did I mess up on my Force skill tree?
  94. So rangers. We get 5 more points..
  95. Gunner/Force
  96. "Poison Trap Igniter" build?
  97. Looking for a mentor
  98. MatterBoard 3.
  99. Skill tree help
  100. Strongest Single target and AoE Technic?
  101. Phantasy Star Online 2 Translated Let's Play
  102. Ra/Hu worth it?
  103. Hunter/Force or techer build help
  104. Brief PSO2 Vita CBT Gameplay
  105. Thoughts on versatile melee/tech build
  106. Pure t-atk mag?
  107. Lisa's client orders
  108. Help with Mag
  109. Captcha help please, sorry for another one
  110. Maybe we should do a build sticky?
  111. A few questions, and build help.
  112. Ragne or Elder Soul on Force
  113. Vita Light advice in preparation of Gu/Hu
  114. Old pro at PSZ looking for advice
  115. Hunter-Fighter-Ranger-Gunner Skill questions
  116. Force versus Ranger
  117. Best way to play gunner?
  118. Fighter Skill Tree
  119. Fortunate Omen?
  120. Ranger/Techer without R-atk mag
  121. Force/Techer and Bolt PP save
  122. Need Hunter Advice... badly. Returning Player
  123. New Player: Advice Needed
  124. Stun Grenade
  125. JP PSO2 Funter/Horce and EXP grind (looking for advice/help)
  126. Help with Hiragana characters
  127. FO Tree
  128. Rate my build: Fighter/Ranger
  129. Weapon Combination Possible?
  130. Can anyone help me with this unforseen probleem?
  131. Last step, confirming Sega ID help.
  132. Gunner/RA tree
  133. PSO2 Huney Build
  134. Help with Ranger Mag
  135. AC Scratch Question
  136. Attack the Imposter arks?
  137. What are the viable hunter subclasses?
  138. Libra Mag help
  139. Purchase problem
  140. JP PSO2 Need help signing in.
  141. Starting out ranger
  142. Little Confussion on Client Orders
  143. Multiple Mags?
  144. Fury Stance: Worth Maxxing?
  145. maxing s-def on Hu tree?
  146. Need tips: How to keep storage clean?
  147. FOmar help
  148. Where can I find some more powerful swords
  149. PSO2 Job/Subjob and Race/Gender combinations help : 0
  150. Mag stats, Skilltree stats and player stats
  151. Is It Possible To Get More Than 20 COs?
  152. PSO2 PSO2 Newbie seeking Tips+Tricks+Advise and suggestions.
  153. Guide Affix Success Rate Documentation
  154. So, I want to be a fighter. (is PSO this shallow?)
  155. Hu/Te Poison Igntion Support
  156. Definition of RA-def & Tech-def
  157. lamda adrastea or red launcher ?
  158. Mixing souls for different abilities.
  159. My Mid Ranger Crisis
  160. All class weapons
  161. Help with Build
  162. PSO2 The Big Book of Bosses
  163. Best in slot items?
  164. Hunter Building Concerns
  165. Guide The Official Build Thread (class info and guides included)
  166. Fighter/Techer (or Force?) Viability?
  167. Newbie, have a few questions
  168. I'm Trying to Join PSO2. Need Assistance!
  169. New member to PSO2
  170. Dps weapon for a ranger?
  171. Need Assistance for Hunter
  172. Twin Daggers... Am I doing it wrong?
  173. Needing help as a force
  174. *screams casually about rare drops
  175. elder set bonus?
  176. Is there a stage after the Ruins?
  177. Skill build: Looking for some constructive criticism
  178. Newcomer with questions about Force.
  179. Menu Translation for Vita version
  180. New Force Player -- Some Questions
  181. Why 50 s def on hunter mags?
  182. Toro and Kuro client orders?
  183. Experience distribution help
  184. Force subbing Hunter question..
  185. Gunner Photon Art Layouts
  186. No characters, no enemies *problem
  187. elder rifle /facepalm
  188. Analyse My Build? (HuFiCaseal)
  189. JP PSO2 i'm a bit lost on what to do with my human
  190. Oh god, PSO2 has skill trees.
  191. JP PSO2 Defiance of Common Sense: The Build
  192. PS VITA any tips?
  193. Considering switching ships...
  194. Tucana Mag: Worth it?
  195. Need a little help
  196. Tech, not for everyone anymore.
  197. question!newbie?
  198. Mag feeding level not lowering
  199. How to unlock Clotho as a Client?
  200. Item drop charts
  201. Leo Mag Building Question
  202. Vita why cant I invite npc's to my party?
  203. Noob (sorta) questions?
  204. from 20-30 hardest part of leveling?
  205. Is FI/FO practical?
  206. Sorry guys please help, read first
  207. Mission PLEASE HELP!
  208. JP PSO2 the first sp up quest
  209. butterfly dance?
  210. Quick affix question
  211. can i apply mutiple item codes on the same account?
  212. Guide Recording PSO2 gameplay
  213. Chibi nanodroid mag types?
  214. Moved to build thread
  215. Techer anyone? Whats the deal
  216. Is it time to replace mizer bullet?
  217. Wheres a good place to farm or find some higher lvl swords?
  218. Affixing?
  219. Trouble Getting Matter Board Drops
  220. Rappies ... Most Common Location?
  221. Best Subclass for Force?
  222. JP PSO2 pa's and future
  223. Lots of questions *o*
  224. Ohza Help
  225. Little confused with main- & subclass
  226. Registering to buy AC
  227. Hu/Te Questions
  228. help
  229. Rare drops and Time Attack Quests
  230. making money after price nerf?
  231. How to unlock Hans CO 凍土の雌雄爪獣?
  232. Magless
  233. what exactly qualifies for standing snipe?
  234. Ranger: Need help with banther bros.
  235. PSO2 Questions about my Force
  236. Female Newman Gu/Ra Mag question.
  237. PSO2 Managing your items
  238. Elemental Damage Bonus Not Happening?
  239. So I did some calculation on my char/class
  240. Good videos of pso2
  241. sorry posted thread in Wrong Section please remove
  242. Vita Big Vardha Problem
  243. Need some Ranger/Gunner Skill advice
  244. Hu/Fi or Fi/Hu?
  245. Quick question about buffs
  246. Which weapons have boosts to certain skills?
  247. How to set your subclass after quest
  248. GURAnewearl : Character Planning
  249. Help translate, PSO2 info
  250. Arks Cash buying advice