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Feb 8, 2007, 06:20 PM
Hello, all, seeing as this is my 1st post here, I hope I get some replys...

As the title says, I wish to have some help with the building of my character...

Okay first off PA sections...


Single Daggers
Buten Shuren-zan
Shunbu Shouren-zan

Twin Daggers
Renkai Buyou-zan
Moubu Seiran-zan

Dus Daggus
Dus Robado

Seeing as I am a newman, I am going to focous more on the tech side of the class more so than the striking, thus that is why I am only have six and manliy using only 3 weapons. The daggers should be obvious for they can be used up to S rank, and spears are just all around solid weapons.




Not much to say here, just wanted to be versitile in terms of elements.



Barta/Gibarta (?)




Reviser (?)

Well, here, I was going for a multi-ranged style, where I can hit a decent amount of monsters from any range at decent damage. I optied out of using any zonde Techs, because both the damage is low, and earth elemental monsters seem to be rather rare, as far as shock goes, I can just use a bow shot to apply it.

As as I said before in the tech section, I wanted to go for a multt-ranged style of play, being able to cause damage in all three areas without "problems" (yeah I know...meele, low atp). I will replace one meele PA for the "ultimate" ones eventually. As a little side not I personally was going for a meele Fonewm style from PSO, and from the looks of it, its coming pretty close to that style.


1. I wanted to know 1st, of all, if this layout would be a wise choice for my character.

2. What should I keep? Barta or Gibarta?

3. Should I keep Reviser? (after all antimates are dirt cheap with no casting time.)

4. What should I fill my remaning 3 or 4 PA slots with? (was hoping for some more meele weapons)

Finally, Thank you all for who reply, and I hope I can get some solid answers from experenced Wartecher players...

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Feb 8, 2007, 07:12 PM
1. To be quite honest, I focused on Techs for a long while as a Newman WT as well...
Since then however, I've found that by using high % elemental weapons rather than spells,
My damage output is far greater that what it once was.

There's nothing wrong with having a vast array of Techs in my mind,
But for now, most of them are purely situation rather than absolutely necessary.
Also, how many of those ranged techs do you actually use?

2. I tend to use Dambarta exclusively now.
(Along with Damdiga and a couple other Ra's)
I used to use Rabarta, but I'd found I've been using Techs less and less.

3. Animates are great for self healing, but as a WT you should also be looking out for the group's welfare.
Sol's are nice, but Reverser have a much longer range.

4. Nosu-Diga will be our ultimate cheese attack once it is released.
I for one woulden't bother with Megid, from what I've heard...
The low rate of insta-kill just doesn't justify the high PP cost.

The melee skills are all your choice.
I tend to use Twin Sabers, but that's just me.
Try out some other weapons on an alt or something.
You might be surprised.

Also don't sell yourself short with the whole "Newman ATP" deal.
With a high % elemental, you'll do just fine.

The best thing about a WT is that we never have to worry about losing our damage output just because the enemy is immune to a certain type of attack.

Try to balance out the power among all your skills,
and for the love of God equip yourself with only the best things you can find.

That's just my two cents.

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Feb 8, 2007, 07:52 PM
1. Yeah I know, I remeber playing with you before (I'm Irvine), and even your Dus Daggas in Hives did around 400ish a hit, though it will do less damage now, it still gets the job done.
In terms of the overall damage of techs/melee I see your point, with the whole damage over time idea, though techs don't suck as much as they did in pso.
As for the ranged attacks, I use almost all of them depending on the mission at hand.

2. Ah crap, I ment to say a choice of Gibarta or
Barta, sorry about that.

3. Thank you for the input

4. Hmm, why if I may ask is Nosu-Diga such a good tech? Also, considering with what you said, I will probably swtich out megid for Dammegid then.


Overall thank you for such awsome information. With the whole Skill PA siuation, I wanted to limit my skills becuase of item space. With my current set up I tend to have more than 20 weapons on me at a time.

Feb 8, 2007, 08:46 PM
Your set up is almost what I use on my Newman Wartecher, except for a few things.
1) Personally, I think cards are a waste. Your techs do a lot more damage than cards do, and you've got bows which have SE4. I'm skipping cards and using the slots for other things.
2) You really don't need Zoldial and Restier. As a Newman, you've already got great EVP, TP and MST. Don't waste the space. I only have Shifta/Deband and Jellen/Zalure. You really want J/Z because since your a part-melee class, you can get closer to the enemies to debuff them. Fortetechers can't do this as well. Also, once Megistar is released, you can replace S/D with Megistar, which raises ALL stats. It does hurt you a little bit, but that's what Resta is for. Plus Megistar looks down right awesome.

And Reverser can be used many times more than Sols/Antimates can. You'll run out of Sols/Antimates long before you run out of TP.