View Full Version : More n00b questions.

Feb 18, 2007, 03:49 AM
I am a TECH with burning shot and a spear. my type currently is ranger, but i almost always use my spear (im lvl 6) because i always run out of PP during a trial anyway.

also, for aiming rifles, i think r1 sort of locks on to targets, but i always find myself dicking around with my left pad trying to turn my guy in the right direction, any sort of technique to using a rifle?

Last but not least, what type should i stick with based on the information i have given. thanks as always.

Feb 18, 2007, 05:16 AM
The PP issue won't be as much as a problem once you lvl a bit more and get access to higher star weapons. And I guess if you want your PP to last longer, don't bash X (or whatever button on PC) and shoot every chance possible. Kinder get a nice pattern going, not too fast, but not slow either. Going too slow could annoy other party members.

Aiming rifles was never really a probolem. If you use a spear alot, you would probably be getting used to the lock on system. Once you realise that guns don't really lock on, things become alot easier. Personally what I do is stand a fair distance from the enemys and hold R1. I then straif (spelling?) left and right shooting when parrallel with an enemy. Forward and back if neccesary.

And with type, I guess it is up to you. If you like using melee weapons mainly and a fews guns here and there, fighgunner wouldn't be too bad. Although Fighgunner is one of the most popular classes, so if you wanna be original, bad choice.