View Full Version : PS2/PC - Trade [B] Baji Line and/or 24% Rabol Rappy

Jun 19, 2007, 06:41 PM
I've got a [B]Baji Line to trade off. I would really like to trade this for a [B]Stormline board for board, or I'd add my 24% Rabol Rappy for a completed Stormline. I'd also trade it for:
[B] Delette Line
Grinna Bete S decor.
Both De Ragnus decors.
Solid/Power S (I'd also include the Rabol Rappy for this)
a pair of +10 9* Rifles or 9* Shotguns

Possibly would trade it for two Twin Kitty Claws or a [B] Bearclaw. Or would trade Rabol Rappy 24% for either.