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1. It's Steyr Aug.

2. There's a LOT of innacuracies... But I won't be an ass since I can't model, I'm only a hackjobber of dewm. (Yes, me too maastobater >:B****~~)
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Illogical Fact 1: Shadows of Fire

If you were to look around in Lut Gholein, you'd see some torches that are mounted on stands. You can find one just beside Lysander. These torches have fire burning all day long, and I would say Blizzard has done a fantastic job in animating the flames. Then there was once when I passed by that torch and noticed that, as the flame dances, the shadow of the flame also dances. Quite nice, but if you just think more about it... SHADOW OF THE FLAME? Since when does fire have a shadow?! That's a major blunder!

Illogical Fact 2: Layout of Barricades

I've never thought about this until recently, and I realised that the layout of the defences on Mount Arreat is not very logical. You have the barricades erected between Harrogath and the Arreat Summit. If these barricades were to prevent Baal's forces from reaching Harrogath and thus Mount Arreat, then why do they build it after Harrogath?

And in the manual, it is written that the Elders of Harrogath sacrificed themselves to erect a protective barrier on Harrogath against Baal's forces. But the problem is, we know that the barbarians are there to fight off anyone planning to invade Mount Arreat. Erecting the barrier made it seem as if these Elders think Harrogath is more important than Mount Arreat. Furthermore, why don't they put the barrier on Mount Arreat (or the Arreat Summit) itself?

Illogical Fact 3: Cain's Gossip about Marius

If you spend time gossiping with Cain in Act V, he'll sometimes say, "If that fool Marius hasn't given Baal the soulstone..." Now, the question is, how did Cain know about Marius, and Marius giving the soulstone to Baal? We know it because it's shown to us in the cinematics, but I don't suppose Cain also watched it along with us.

So the best assumption I can make is that somehow Tyrael found out that Marius gave Baal his soulstone, and Tyrael told Cain about it. But then, throughout the Act III cinematics, we did not see Marius mentioning his name to Tyrael. So how does Tyrael know Marius' name? (And you can also question why Baal knows Marius' name.) Hmmm... maybe Tyrael watched the cinematics together with us...

Illogical Fact 4: Marius and the Portal to Hell

This has been brought to discussion several times before, and since I'm touching on illogical things, I might as well mention this. In the cinematics, we see Marius reaching the portal to hell (in the Act IV cinematics). The problem is, how did he manage to bypass the monsters all over the place?

Illogical Fact 5: Diablo and the Seals

We know it. Hadriel told us. Open the 5 seals and you'll have Diablo waiting for you at the pentagram in Chaos Sanctuary. But before that, where the heck is he? Hiding in a secret place watching his minions slaughtered? It would be more logical to have him right at the pentagram once you reach there, though the battle will be very tough.

If Diablo must, for some reason, hide himself behind those seals, then he might as well bring Lord de Seis, Infector of Souls and Grand Vizier of Chaos with him, and once your character releases all the 5 seals, your character will have to fight all these together.

Illogical Fact 6: Baal Talking to himself

In the Act V cinematics, you'll have Baal killing the barbarian and he'll say, "It seems that your terms are not acceptable." But think about it, he say the above line so dramatically, and with hands movement, but to no one in particular! Well, it seems that the Prime Evils are not very smart...
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Aliases: Elmo Brady, Elmo Brandy, Kyle Pierce, Elmo Spencer, Kent Worwell, Kent Worrel, Kent Worral, Shawn Pickering, Brian Miller, Jimmy Springette, Jimi Springette, James Spencer, Spencer Springer, Efram Zoran Johnson, Everson Weberson, Spencer Springette, "Jimmy", "Juice", "Seagal", "Jimmy the Juice", "Uncle"


Dates of Birth Used: August 18, 1960;
August 16, 1960 Hair: Black
Place of Birth: St. Thomas,
U.S. Virgin Islands Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11" Complexion: Medium
Weight: 240 pounds Sex: Male
Build: Large Race: Black
Occupation: Unknown Nationality: American
Scars and Marks: None known
Remarks: Springette is known to have facial hair. He has ties to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, other islands in the Caribbean, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, England, and France. Springette also has ties to the Southeastern region of the United States, specifically the Augusta/Atlanta, Georgia; Norfolk, Virginia; and Miami, Florida, areas. He speaks both English and Spanish.
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