View Full Version : S-Parts ver. 1.16

Feb 14, 2001, 02:56 PM
I am looking for this item, if you would be willing to trade i got like 20k a dragon slayer and a varista + 9

Feb 15, 2001, 02:32 PM
Hmm....I am pretty sure I have it. I'll check my inventory and if it is still there Its yours.

Feb 15, 2001, 04:06 PM
sweet, if you have it, what do you want for it, my money horde is now down to around 7500, but i still have the dragon slayer and varista

Feb 16, 2001, 02:04 AM
Just the dragon slayer is fine.

Feb 16, 2001, 03:07 PM
Okay great, please e-mail me so we can set up a time and place to meet, my e-mail address is [email protected]