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Jan 4, 2003, 08:11 PM
This was it. A whole new world that no one had ever seen, but a planet just like the earth. I'm really surprised we got here, after our planet was destroyed, and we lost contact with the Pioneer 1. Survival was on the line for everyone. I didn't think I would be part of such a large responsibility, no, not me, I'm just a kid. I was supposed to go to college next year. Now I've been trained as a human male hunter class, or HUmar for short. I was going to be among the first to explore the world below, since the Pioneer 2, with its amazing city design, could only support us for so long.

I had never met anyone on the ship, because I am naturally shy, but there were survivors from around the world, and not just humans, but newmans and androids as well, each willing to contribute with their own special skills. I expected to be put on assignment with some of them, and I also expected them to be as afraid as I was, even though some were much older than me, and probably wiser. Everyone was pretty good to each other, probably still shaken from the fact that the old planet was now gone. I don't think anyone would ever forget that. So, taking my initial equipment with me, a standard-issue photon powered saber, a frame armor, and a little thing code named MAG, I set out towards the Principal's Office, ready to learn about what was to become of me, Jono.

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Jan 4, 2003, 10:35 PM
ok, heck, I'll bite.

Pioneer 2. I heard a lot about this ship. It's design, crew capacity, life support, and other technical features. But to be on that ship... was something else. You felt insignificant, wondering what good you could do. Wondering if you even matter compared to others around you. You are a speck in that ship, a molecule of what many civilizations call life.

But that's how I feel, and people I meet tend to call me philisophical. By the way, my name is Var. Don't ask for my last name; I like my privacy. Heck, don't call me by my fist name either. I go by the codename Zepher. I am a young human man, and I say human because there are at least three sentient species living on this ship: humans, newmans, and androids. I have been classafied as a RAmar, a male human specializing with projectile weaponry.

I had recently been assigned by the very leader of this ship, Principel Tyrell, to investigate an anomaly on the surface. I had heard of an explosion happening, but I never saw it myself. He told me I was to investigatewhat happened there. The big shock came when I learned a wouldn't be going alone:

"But Sir! I've worked solo since before we left our old planet!"

"Listen Zepher, you didn't see that explosion. It was enourmus. The more personell we have working together, the better."

The better the target for something done there,I thought to myself, gritting my teeth.

"I know you don't want to, but you have to. It is a neccessary precaution."

I kept my composure as I left the room, and then heard Tyrell again. "Uh, could you-" I turned around. "No, it's nothing. Carry on."

I went back to my room and grabbed my handgun and whistled for my mag. I then put on a sturdy Frame and headed and then went to the Registration area of the Hunter's Guild. I placed my hand on the scanner in the guild and then went to look out the window as I waited. The receptionist then asked for me.

"Sir, your partner is already at the Main Transporter. I suggest you hurry."

I ran to the Main Transporter station to meet my new acquaintence.

Jan 5, 2003, 03:21 PM
The large door opened in front of me, and running up behind me came an older, but still young man carrying a small handgun, his mag floating behind him. He looked at me and frowned, probably because he thought I was just some stupid kid who was just going to get in the way. He wore the Ranger's uniform, complete with the headband and boots.

"Are you afraid?" I asked as he approached the transporter. He said nothing to me, but just stepped inside, looking at me sternly. I decided not to waste any more time, knowing it might make me look bad, and stepped in as well while he set our destination coordinates.

Jan 5, 2003, 05:00 PM
I looked at the young hunter. I didn't want to call him kid, because if I did, he would most likely prove it by saying he wasn't one. So I just kept silent and set the coordinates for the surface of Ragol. The hunter asked me if I was afraid; I responded with silence.

Afraid? we lost contact with the only colony on an unknown planet with possible creatures we've never encountered before, with no knowledge of how docile or not they were. Yeah, I was a little scared, enough to possibly be considered fear. Even with my long-range gun or his powerful saber, there was no guarantee that whatever we found could be killed.

The transporter room dissapeared and made way for a lush forest. Amazing flora greated us everywhere as we looked as we started our search. I turned to the hunter, who seemed to take in everything with awe. I decided to try and make a good first impression.

"Listen, hunter, what's your name?"

He looked at me in a shy manner. I hoped my presence didn't intimidate him. "Jono," he answered, clear and solid. I could see he had a little potential.

"All right, Jono. Call me Zepher. You ever fought for your life before?"

"Not really, sir."

Green. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. I should know. I decided to up his confidence.

"Listen, whatever we face around here, it might be too tough for your sword. Just remember, if it gets that way, I got some hot photons for whatever wants you skin. Comprende?"

He nodded and we set out through the forest until we reached an open expanse. Suddenly, several mole-like creatures popped out from the ground. "What the heck are those?" Jono asked. "My log says they're called 'Boomas'," I answered. "It says they're pretty docile."

One of the boomas came up and then started to smack Jono with it's claw.

Docile. Riiiiiiight.

I pumped the aggresive creature full of light with my handgun. Jono then proceded to slice them with his saber. He critically wounded one of them, then came on the rest. Another booma then came up and tried to cut through me. I dodged it, but the booma was lucky in slicing my gun apart. With my gun gone, I resorted to fists, and gave one of the creatures an uppercut to the jaw, nearly breaking my hand. Jono finished him off, and then turned just as a bomma's claw crashed through him. He then started to come towards me.

"Good riddance,"I said, harnessing a red energy in my hand. The mole looked at it, and then became engulfed in a fireball from my Foie technique. I found another Handgun in a nearby box, and then went back to Jono.

"You ok?"

He yelled, grabbing his leg. Guess not.

"Hang on, we need to get you back to the Nurse on Pioneer 2," I said, then picked him up and carried him back to the teleporter.

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Jan 5, 2003, 05:27 PM
I groaned as I rose from the hospital bed, still in pain from the claw scraping across my leg. No kind of training prepared me for the vicious Boomas that inhabited the forest surface. I would have to just keep training with my saber, until I get good enough to learn spells that would assist me.

My RAmar senior probably thought I was really foolish. He walked up to me and again asked if I was allright, and I nodded slowly.

"I lost all my money because of that beast..."
"Don't worry about it. You can sell the equipment from the old Pioneer that you find on our walk. I'm just glad you're alive."
I nodded and forced a smile, opening the small blue container we had picked up along the way, containing a photon generated barrier.

"A little souvenir," I chuckled to myself.

"Don't tell me you're quitting, Jono. We've only just begun." The RAmar looked at me with a confidence I had only seen in a school teacher.

"Maybe we ought to take someone who's good with magic, like a Force class. Then I wouldn't have to worry so much about ending up here every time I encounter something like a Booma."

"You shouldn't say that, Jono. You have great potential. You just have to figure out a way to reach it. We will have to dispose of the Booma if they are going to threaten us. Remember your training and you'll do fine."

I was wondering if he seriously meant that, or just trying to up my confidence because he knew I was weak. Even though I was with Zepher, I still felt alone on Ragol, because everything we encountered seemed to be against us. Something was making the local wildlife rabid, and we were going to find out what it was. So after thinking about it, I decided to give it another try, and I brought some monomate with me just in case I got hurt again.

Jan 5, 2003, 11:44 PM

Jan 6, 2003, 05:45 PM
*story break* Maybe I should do like Confucious and simplify it into little phrases. "Man who wears dress fights well." <-- Refering to FOmar

Jan 6, 2003, 07:37 PM
*story put back together*

"Hey, Jono!" I yelled to him as he was getting ready to enter th transport.


"Listen, I just got back from the Guild. I found a great assignment for you!" I could see his curiosity already. He did look a little skeptical though.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, a guy needs to find out what happened to a luxury cruise ship. The best part is, there are very experienced hunters working on it that could help out. This could be great battle training for you!"

"I'm not sure," he answered back. Maybe he still didn't trust me.

"Don't worry, you'll get great experience against those monsters, and you could use the reward money to buy a new weapon. I'm going back to get another mission for myself. Come with me."

We headed for the Guild. We didn't talk much, possibly because he didn't want to talk about the mission. When we got there, I showed him the mission and let him take it from there. I saw him then go and talk to and old man about the mission. Soon, he left, and I thought I glanced a smile on Jono's face.

I decided to get a mission of my own. I looked until I saw something about a research mission.

"Ma'am? Where can I find a Ms. Alicia Baiz?" i asked the receptionist.

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Jan 6, 2003, 08:58 PM
The receptionist pointed to the client. He was a short, kind of stout man, not someone you'd want to bring down to Ragol. He explained the mission to me: A pleasure cruise ship had crashed on Ragol, and he wanted me to find the survivors. For some strange reason though, he told me not to tell anyone else about the mission, because he thought it would spread rumors. I shrugged and accepted the mission, and looking at Zephar for a last time, I teleported down to Ragol.

Oh, by the way, let me tell you about teleportation. Every time you need to go somewhere you have to use a photon-generated warp system. They were supposedly built all over Ragol after the Pioneer 1 landed, and the Pioneer 2 runs on the same technology.

When you're being teleported it feels very strange, like your body is twisting and turning as you're falling down what looks like a long hole.

Anyway, I was quite nervous, this being my first solo mission. Luckily for me, I already knew the area, and so I knew how the wildlife would react. I was ready this time. Boomas came walking slowly toward me, like zombies, and began to slash away. I ran around and hit them in the back, knocking both out. Then I noticed something very strange fall from the sky... it looked like a cross between a penguin and a quail. It peeped and waddled toward me, and I wasn't quite sure how to deal with this...

Jan 6, 2003, 10:43 PM
I teleported to a different area of the forest than where Jono was. I hoped he wouldn't catch up with me, so I quickly went to work. The client told me that the device she installed only worked for about half an hour anyway.

Let me back up. She said that she needed data on the wildlife of Ragol. She installed a device that used photon energy to collect tissue samples from the creatures into my new rifle. She then told me it would only work for 20 minutes, meaning I couldn't waste time.

I quickly sprinted through the first door I saw and unlocked the next one, then went through it to find a swarm of boomas. I picked a few of them off and then retreated through the door. It seemed that they had a simple intelligence; if there's a wall, they didn't think they could go through it. I quickly jumped out again and shot some more down until they all fell.

Suddenly, a group of large boomas with yellow fur and a hump on their head came out. My log said they were goboomas. Tough and tougher. I soon disposed of them to find even larger ones called gigoboomas. I soon got rid of them, and no more came back. The device said that Data 1 was collected, and I headed through another door to find a transporter.

I activated the transporter and arrived in an area near the Central Dome. Oh, by the way, the Central Dome was the main colony building that the colonists from the original Pioneer 1 had used. But back to my mission, I went through another door and found strange dog-like creatures called savage and barbarous wolves. It seemed that the pack leaders were the barbarous ones, so I finished them and realized that the others were too discouraged to fight me. The leaders didn't provide enough data to the device, so I finished the others and headed out. I then found a plant-like structure that started to spew mosquitos. Every time I was able to lock on to one of them, the plant spit another out. After 5 minutes of this, I switched to the plant and used my Foie spell to burn it down. It soon fell, and I then finished off the mosquitos, or mothmants, as my log said.

I moved south, fought some more boomas, and came to a room with a bunch of yellow penguin-like birds. It took me a while, as the little birds kept coming down, but soon the body count stopped. I checked my log and identified them as rag rappies, and then used it to find one last bio-sign located by the transporter back to Pioneer 2.

"Gonna fight my way back, eh?" I thought aloud. As I left, I noticed that the rappies were getting up ad running away. "Resilient little guys." I headed back to the transporter, and looked for the bio-sign. I couldn't see anything, until I noticed a shadow. Suddenly, a huge creature leaped out and came down with a force so strong it knocked me over. I thought about Jono and my short-lived time with him as I saw the creature weild his huge fist and knock me unconcious.

Jan 8, 2003, 08:34 PM
I heard someone yell from across the forest. It sounded like Zephar, but there's no way, that's impossible. He's just too experienced. And besides, I was preoccupied with a quest. I couldn't very well dissapoint my client, now could I?

The odd thing was, the forest seemed to already be cleaned out of the wildlife I saw before, in my area anyway. All I saw were pools of blood on the ground, a few useless containers and rappy tracks.

After checking my life support system, I found a small corner where a RAmar was standing around, looking a little confused. I guessed he was on a quest here too, so I talked to him. He told me his name was Bernie, and asked me if I really believed that story I was told when I was briefed about the quest. I said yes, and he just laughed, and decided to team up with me, telling me how awkward the request was. We must have encountered about four groups of enemies before reaching the teleporter.
It turns out the Gran Squall was some sort of military ship, and that's why the client didn't want me to talk to any hunters I saw on the way.

As I progressed, I wondered how Zephar was faring. He was probably already deep into the forest by now, encountering strange and wonderful creatures the likes of which no one has ever seen...

Jan 9, 2003, 04:27 PM
Although it seemed as though everything could fall to pieces at any moment,i tried to keep my cool,i had to complete the quest,but that nagging sensation told me zepher was in trouble,so I Decided to go find him when i saw it,the huge lumbering beast,and within its gasp,was zepher.....

Jan 9, 2003, 05:54 PM
I suddenly woke up, with bery little pain, even though I remembered that I just got punched. I looked down to see a broken toy. It was a Scape Doll, an item that revived fallen hunters. I must have grabbed it without knowing while fighting some other monsters. I looked down at the timer of the device, and then looked back at the beast, who was still in shock.

"I've only got seven minutes to kill you off. Are you gonna drop dead, or do I have to make you drop dead?"

The creauture lunged at me with his fist. I jumped past it and pounded his head with my rifle shots. He walked back a bit, and then spit a large ball of Foie. It singed me a bit, but I've handled Foie before, and I can do it again.

"EAT THIS!" I yelled, sending my most powerful Foie attack right down his throat. The creature exploded apart, and I saw a small disk he left. I tookit, and then noticed an amazed hunter gazing at me.

Jan 11, 2003, 07:12 PM
I got through to forest 2, about to finish my quest, when I came across Zephar lying on the ground, slowly getting up. He was beside a broken doll, he must have used it to shield him from really getting hurt.

I know, that sounds really farfetched, but I'm guessing that's what happened. When I approached he told me to just go on and finish what I was doing.

"Hey, I can't leave you here..."
"Just go on. I'm okay now that that Scape Doll fixed me. I'll meet you later."

He really did seem like a professional hunter, though even the best make mistakes sometimes. I thought I would have to use one of those dolls at one point or another.

Just then, a loud stomping shook the earth. An enormous creature appeared, beating its chest like a gorilla, and made its way toward me, swinging its fists and shooting fireballs out its mouth. I panicked, and struck the ground with my saber, sending forth a wave of ice that temporarily froze it. I really was astonished as to how I did that.
But when I looked back for Zephar to ask him, he was already gone. I decided I should keep going.

Jan 13, 2003, 06:11 PM
::Narrators Voice::
"Meanwhile back on Pioneer 2" (hehe sorry I couldn't resist)

"That is not fair Dad! I am a fairly experienced Force, not some little girl!"

A young FOnewearel was shouting at her father for not letting her go down to Ragol. She was a very smart girl who new all of the techniches (sp?) except the light and dark one. (Can't remember their names) She had always wanted to go down to Ragol after the explosion, to study the monsters and also to get stronger.

As she stomped away from her house, she whispered to herself,

"I don't care what he says I am going down to Ragol whether he likes it or not..."

She was very shy around people she didn't know, but when she knew them she was very outgoing. Before checking to see what quests there were she made a quick stop at the shopping center, first to the weapons.

"Hello, I was wondering if you had any rods in?"
"Yes, we do. But you are too young to have a weapon little lady"
" WHAT!? ...but I am getting it for my father." She lied.
"Oh! Well in that case, we have a Heart Rod in. One of the best you can get. It costs, 2,345 meseta"
"Ok, here you go!"

She was so happy she had finally gotten her first real weapon. She decided that since she already had quite a few Monomates and Monofluids she wouldn't bother trying to get more. Fearing that she would draw too much attention to herself.

Walking towards the Hunters Club she heard some people talking about new quests.

"Good! That means I will definately get a good quest!" She thought to herself.

"Wow this place is a lot bigger than I thought" she was thinking as she entered the room.

"Hello" Said the lady at the desk "How may I help you?"
"I would like a quest please."
"We have this one:

"The Rag Rappy"
Desc- There is a cuddely soft Rag Rappy right out side the door. "Ooh a battle!" She thought
Poke it and win! Also beware it's hugging powers!

"WHAT!? Don't you have any more advanced jobs?"

"Yes but you are too young for those! You might get hurt!"

As she said that she stomped off towards the telepoters to Ragol mumbling.

"That's it! I am going to Ragol right now!"

When she got to the teleporters the selections were:
Forest 1
Forest 2

"I will choose Forest 2" She said as she pushed the button. She was suddenly standing on Ragol were she heard what sounded like two men talking and a huge beast walking towards them.

"I better go help them" she thought as she ran in the direction of the sound.

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Jan 14, 2003, 07:14 PM
I froze. What was a little girl doing on Ragol? There's so many things that could have hurt her, the very idea of her being down here was sheer madness.
But then I looked at her outfit, and her ears, and saw she was a Force type, a FOnewearl to be exact. They're great with magic, so I've heard, but still, she was kind of young. I guessed she was a beginner, much like me. And I was kind of destroyed at that moment, because she would learn faster than me, and by the time she was my age, she would be a genius in magic and combat... I couldn't help but look at her with jealousy in my eyes, but when I saw her alert expression, I softened my harsh glare.

Jan 14, 2003, 08:48 PM
I pushed Jono towards the Force. "I don't know who you are, lady, but a few techs wouldn't hurt?" I said, then rolling down and shooting at the beast. A large wave of Barta came at the beast. Obviously she had heard me. The "Hildebear" stood frozen, and I used this chance to strike it down.

"Thank you, young lady."

"No problem!" She told me.

"Aren't you a little...young to be out here?" Jono asked. she stared at him almost like he had done some serious crime against her.

Big red flag.


"Please forgive him, ma'am. He's a little...immature for his age." I saw him look at me in the exact same expression. Oh well, this wasn't one of those relationship things. He could live with it.

"Um, we never really got your name, miss. May I ask what it is?"

Jan 15, 2003, 02:15 PM
"Hello, my name is Ryo-ohki the Force as you probably already guessed."

She did a slight curtsy.

"Oh wait will you hold on a second..."

She said as she saw a Rag Rappy sneaking away.

She yelled as a sudden lightning storm surrounded the Rag Rappy, Zapping it and instantly killing it.

"That's what you get for giving me a quest where I have to poke you!"

"Oh yes, it is nice to meet you two! I'm not really supposed to be here but my father wouldn't let me come here alone or not (grrrr) so I snuck off. But he doesn't know that I know all these techs, he thought that I was "reading up" on them so I could learn them when I got older. So what are your names?" She asked the two men staring opened mouthed at her.

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Jan 15, 2003, 05:36 PM
Dang she was good. Frying a Rappy in one Zonde shot without as much as a thought (except she was burning mad, maybe that caused it).

"Uh, you can call me Zepher. And this is Jono. Um, yeah, would you like to join us? We're kinda heading back to finish some quests, but we can go on one together."

She kinda looked dissapointed. "All they'll do is give me dumb newbie missions," She replied. I smiled. "Size doesn't matter. Especially after you made us some lunch with those Rappy legs."

She smiled. "C'mon Ryo-ohki. Mind if I call you Ryo? Listen, I can put in a good word for you at the Guild. Let's get outta this flood and get some money!" She giggled, as we all headed back toward the transporter.

Jan 15, 2003, 05:54 PM
"Yay! Finally people won't look down on me! Hehe litterally...Anyways so your Zepher and he's Jono? Also yes you can call me Ryo."

"Yes that is right" Zepher said as they all walked towards the Teleporter.

"So what happened here anyways? I remember that huge explosion...but what could have caused it? I always thought that the monsters down here were fine, and only vicious if provoked. But they are attacking anything in site."

"Yes it is very strange" Said Juno

"Also have you noticed that a lot of the animals here seem to be like the ones on Earth? Like that Hidlebear acted a lot like a gorilla, and the Rag Rappys they look like a penguin thing...ah! Here we are!"

There it was, the teleporter to take them back to Pioneer 2. Ryo-ohki hoped that her father hadn't noticed that she was gone or else she was going to be in some humongous trouble. She didn't care though she had finally gotten to go down to Ragol, and was planning to do it again with Zepher and Juno.

Jan 15, 2003, 08:35 PM
Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong about this girl. She really was a child prodigy, of sorts. Seeing her dispose of enemies in a snap made me feel uneasy and safe at the same time. It made me wonder... if all children had that kind of strength hidden inside of them.

We ported up to the ship, and walked out of the garage. All of us opened our packs to see what we had collected on Ragol, like kids coming home from a night of trick or treating. I don't know what the other two got, but mine was mostly supplementary healing items that I didn't need for that area, so I decided to "feed" them to the mag...

"Hey guys, why don't we take a break," I suggested. Ryo looked with glee at her pack. She must have gotten something great. Zephar looked at us, and smiled.
"You're both great fighters, you proved that today. To become even better, you need to improve your weapons and armor." He looked at Ryo. "Ryo, you don't have to worry about this so much, because you're a Force, and Forces don't have much armor to choose from because their magic is so powerful. But Jono, you should upgrade every chance you get by selling your unwanted items to buy equipment, or find it on Ragol if you can."

Zephar was indeed knowledgable about the way things worked. It was as if he had been around the Ragol world more than once. I sat by the balcony and watched the city go by, the ships flying around and the elevators taking people where they needed to go, it seemed everyone was pitching in in their own way.

In the newspaper today, there was a big headline on the front cover, depicting the Principal's daughter. She was a cute bespectacled redhead, and according to the story, a scientist AND a good fighter. She mysteriously dissapeared a few days ago while investigating strange photon energies enimating from the environment.

This was disturbing. Photon was sometimes known to mutate living organisms in high amounts. If the story was true, then the farther we go, the more hideous the life on Ragol would become. I was now afraid, I admit it...

Jan 18, 2003, 11:35 PM
"Uh, sir? Are you going to select something?" My thoughts about what had happened lately must have distracted me from getting the Guild Quest I wanted.

"Oh, yes, I'm looking for a good quest available for three hunters, specifically one Hunter, one Ranger, and one Force. Do you think you could find one?"

"Well sir, let me check." The receptionist went into the back, and I continued my thinking sitting down. Why had the monsters suddenly started becoming violent? All of the Pioneer 1 transmissions said that these creatures were docile. The explosion might have been linked, but that was a mystery all in itself. First, there were no burn marks, even at ground zero, and the explosion was a good 1000 mile radius. Then, all of the colonists are gone, but the animals are alive, their attitude changed. It just didn't fit.

"Ranger Zepher? We have two group assignment missions. One is Heat Sword and the other is Ice Spinner." I had a feeling Ice Spinner might be too tough for Jono, so I went with Heat Sword.

"Tell the Heat Sword client we will be here tommorrow to accept it," I told her, then headed back to my apartment.

"A group quest?" Jono said eagerly.

"Say what?" Ryo said after overhearing us.

"Yep, this is just what we need. We can get some good experience, try to figure out what's going on surface-side, and clear the way for other hunters, all while getting paid!"

"I'm there!!!" Ryo exclaimed. I figured she might.

"Well heck, I'm not letting you two have all the fun!" Jono replied.

"Then it's settled. Tommorrow, bright and early, we'll head down and go grab some cash! I suggest we get some sleep first though," I told them. Sleep makes the mind work better, as well as the body, and before this is over, I had a feeling we would need both.

I woke up to see Ryo making eggs, toast, and coffe in my poor excuse for a kitchen. "Wow, you cook too?"

She smiled, as she zapped the power cord to the toaster with a zonde blast, which wasn't plugged in. "I prefer it this way, that way I can train my technique skills!" Good idea.

Jono soon woke up, we both got changed, and all three of us had some of the best breakfast ever known. We then got ready for our big day.

"Befor we head down, let's stock up on mates and fluids, and maybe get a new weapon or two," I suggested, and so we headed to the shopping district. I was lucky enough to find a pair of Mechguns incase anything big and slow came along, and the proceeded to get my essentials. Jono purchased a Sword, and Ryo got herself a Wand to increase her mental skills even further. I then decided to feed my mag.

Suddenly, my mag split into two, and each mag had a strange U-shaped metal plate attached to it. It was now named Kalki, and had learned something called a Photon Blast. It sounded painful, but I just shrugged and continued feeding it until it was full.

"Wow, how did you do that Zepher?" Jono asked.

"It seems that when a mag reaches level 10, it changes into a different mag."

"Cool!" both of them exclaimed.

We headed back to the Hunter's Guild to get our mission.

"Ah, Zepher, yes. Your client is here to see you." The receptionist said, and then showed us to him, a short and chubby FOnewm named Hopkins.

"Can you help me?" He said.


"Well, I was going through the forest, and found a transporter that lead below the Central Dome. When I was starting to explore it, a huge dragon came down and attacked me."

"A WHAT???" I asked.

"*gulp* DRAGON???" Jono looked really scared now.

"Yes. I was about to beat him, but..."


"My Heat Sword. I lost my dad's Heat Sword. That was a special present from Dad! Please, you have to get it!" He yelled, sobbing. "No sweat!" Ryo cried. "We can take on anything, right?"

"Yeah, but first we have to GET to this dragon. With what we already know, it won't be an easy trek through the forest. But don't worry sir. We'll get your sword back."

"Thank you very much!" He said as we left for the transporter.

"Are you sure about this Zepher?" Jono asked.

"No, but if we don't try, we won't know how strong we are, or how strong we can get. And beleive me, it will get a LOT worse than just a dragon."

"How do you know?" He said, as we walked into the transporter.

"Because there's no human invention that can create an explosion that big. It has to be something that can surpass humans in every way. And from the looks on what he has done already, I'll say he's not a nice guy," I said, and then activated the transporter.

Jan 20, 2003, 07:33 PM
I honestly could not believe we were going up against a dragon. If the native animals on Ragol were this vicious, imagine what a dragon would do... probably cook us to death.

Maybe it was just me, but this time the forest didn't seem like such a hassle to walk through. The enemies were now predictable, and anything they threw at us, I didn't mind as much. Using a Sword was kind of awkward for me. I mean this thing was humongous, and it slashed clean through a lot more enemies in a lot less time, and the timing was a little different.

Not only that, but Zephar suggested I should learn some basic spells to even the odds a bit. I found Disks on the ground with teaching programs that showed you how to perform various magic spells.

I eventually found the three basic attack spells, foie, zonde and barta, plus resta. That's really all I can handle for now, magic seems to take a bit out of a Hunter. I decided magic was best left to the expert, our Ryo.

A few minutes after retracing our steps, we came across a large pillar with some ancient writing on it. I touched it, and the symbol on it glowed and emitted a mysterious light around the pillar.

"Is this a part of the old Pioneer?" I wondered, half asking the others.
Zephar came up and examined it for a moment.
"No, this looks really old. Perhaps it was part of an ancient civilazation."
Ryo looked really excited upon hearing that. She pushed past us and tried her best to read the runes.
"It's in an alien language... maybe we'll meet some of them if we keep exploring!"
"Great," I sighed. "I just hope they haven't been poisoned by the photon energy."
"In any case, the quest is our first priority for now. Are you all ready to enter the dome soon?" Zephar looked at us worriedly.
"Ready as I'll ever be. I hope you brought plenty of those dolls..."

Jan 29, 2003, 06:10 PM
Zephar did have a few dolls, but just a few. The transporter to the inner dome was larger than normal, indicating that it definitely housed the dragon. We all stepped in, and came out inside the cavern-like area. The dragon dropped out of the sky and landed with a smash onto the floor, terrifying all of us.
"A joint attack is the only way we're going to win here." Zephar said. "Jono, you go for the legs, but watch out if it comes down. I'll shoot at its head, and Ryo, you cast Barta to stop its flames."
So we all went and did as we were told. The dragon didn't seem the least bit phased by our attacks, though it went down after a little bit.
"Now! Go for the head!" Zephar ordered.
We pretty much wailed on it, I could see its life signs depleting rapidly. But something was wrong. It got right back up and shook itself.
"What's it doing? It's behaving very strangely... like it wasn't really damaged that much."
What came next was nothing we could really prepare for...

Jan 29, 2003, 07:50 PM
The Dragon roared and hit to the sky. Yay, now it was my turn to shine. I let loose with several rifle shots until he dove down to attack us. But he didn't exactly attack us;instead he dove down into the ground away from our fire.

"I don't like this..."

Suddenly I noticed something. A large pile of rubble seemed to be coming our way. "MOVE!" I yelled, as we barely avoided the large load of debris.

"He's tunneling through the ground!" I realized. A very intelligent creature indeed. A couple more passes later, He finally resurfaced. Suddenly I heard a scream that sounded like Ryo. "Ryo?" I asked her, nearly dead by one of the charges the dragon made. I was just about to apply a Moon Atomizer when the large creature swooped down and landed in front of us, roaring, possibly about to burn me and Ryo to a cinder.

Jan 30, 2003, 10:30 PM
I was suddenly engulfed in flames. All I could see was moving red. And yet, I was burning. I looked around to see my mag spinning around me and creating little golden sparkles to cover me. I also saw my mag trying to compell me to do something. I fumbled through my inventory until I found a mag translator, something that I made with help from a android friend.

The mag was saying something about a "Photon Blast". It told me I had to channel the photon energy that had damaged me to my mag. The flames had stopped now, and the dragon looked shocked to see me still alive, and Ryo alive as well, thanks to me covering her. I popped a moon atomizor on her to revive her, then concentrated on the dragon. I thought about all the pain I received, and how it could aid my mag. Suddenly, a glowing blue ring emerged below my feet, a kind of symbol. I shouldered my rifle and raised my fist into the air, as my mag started to blur and grow.

Suddenly, everything froze. The dragon stopped and the cavern was replaced by a huge rainbow-like wave. My mag had transformed into a large dolphin with strange lights all around it. It swam "through" the dragon, and then, everything returned to normal. The dragon reeled, a large blue-ish splotch in it's chest. It suddenly fell down and stopped moving. I looked back to see my mag, floating by me as harmless and innocent as ever. I walked over to the dragon and found two boxes, one with a couple of sword hilts, and the other with a Heat Sword. "Hey Jono! Come over here." Jono and Ryo came over to see the un-identified weapon. "Go take this to the tekker at the city. He might be able to find out what it is."

We went through the new teleporter back to the city. Ryo gave our status report to Tyrell, I gave the Heat Sword to our client, and Jono went off to tekk the weapon. I soon heard a "WHOOHOO!" Coming from the shopping district, and ran over to see Jono with a pair of green-colored photon machetes. "What the heck is that?" I asked. "Uh, Musha...uh, um, Musas...Musashi! Anyway, they're really poweful twin swords!"

Ryo came up asking what she heard, and after Jono explained, I handed each one's share of the meseta we got from the mission, and then Ryo told us what Tyrell said to her. "He said we got access to the caves underneath the surface. What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"Sounds good! I doubt we'll find anything else on the surface, might as well head underground. C'mon, machete boy!"

Feb 4, 2003, 06:38 PM
"Machete boy?! What a strange nickname, Zephar..." I said as we walked to the transporter, setting it to the caves. Then I paused and thought for a minute...
"Jono, what are you doing? Aren't you going to take us inside?" Ryo said.
"Uh yeah... it's just... when we were fighting the dragon underground... the photon levels in the area increased a significant amount. It leads me to believe that the deeper into Ragol we go... the more monstrous the creatures will be."
Zephar nodded, not fazed by any of that. I couldn't help but admire his bravery.

We got in, and ended up at the caves, which were really filled with lava. Great.
"Watch your step guys, don't want to get a hot foot." I warned, looking around us.
I guess Rico managed to get much farther than we thought... got to give her credit for that.
I just wondered how she could stand the heat without passing out...

Feb 5, 2003, 10:08 PM
Meanwhile in Caves one...

"WHAT!?!?! Why aren't my attacks working!?!" A HUnewearl with grey hair, ponytails, a blue costume, and a young facial complexion kept using G-Assassin Sabers on a Pan Arms (Yeah, they can come in Caves 1), doing nothing. "Crud, Pan Arms must be tough" After using a few Foie blasts, Pan Arms split into Migium and Hidoom. "WHAT!?!" the HUnewearl yelled before getting stabbed once by each. In a constant flurry, she took out the two, but tolled severe damage. "Man, I feel weak, if I could just get up and use my Resta spell..." from that she fainted. Suddenly, a Scape Doll acted up and revived her. "Huh? Where am I? Oh right, the caves." She got up to find herself surrounded by Evil Sharks. "Okay, you guys aren't here to play checkers, huh?"

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Feb 13, 2003, 05:33 PM
"I'm getting a disturbance, Zephar. It's coming from deeper within the earth. Someone's down there, by the infra-red images, its a human, but I can't tell what the other life forms are." I looked at my radar watch, worrying about the poor soul down below.

"We should then re-equip and assist whoever is surrounded. Remember to upgrade as necessary and bring plenty of medicine." Zephar advised. "When we go down there, we should be in top form, right?"

"Right, Zephar." I grinned. "We should report to Principal Tyrell. I just hope that Hunter can hold out a little longer..."

Feb 15, 2003, 09:52 PM
The HUnewearl looked for an opening, but didn't find one. "Bummer," she said, "Time for the heavy artillery." She took out a Dragon Slayer and slashed two of them for an opening, taking a toll on damage. "Okay then, RAFOIE!" She used three Rafoie blasts to kill all the Evil sharks, bou was low on reserves. "Drat it, Low HP, 10 TP, tired," then she said casually yet sarcastically, "oh I'm fine..." She cast Ryuker and went back to Pioneer 2.
Meanwhile, Jono, Zephar, and Ryo-Ohki were at the counter where Principal Tyrell was,
"Okay, you say there's a hunter down there trapped in the caves?" Principal Tyrell was asking.
Jono answered. "Yes"
Principal Tyrell stared at Jono. "THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU RESCUE THE HUNTER!?!"
Everyone jumped back. "I figured," Zephar said, "that maybe we should re-stock and re-equip and--"
"JUST GO BACK THERE AND-- huh? who's there?"
The HUnewearl staggered in, very weak and tired. She then collapsed, slamming her arms on the counter. She then pulled herself up, gasping.
Tyrell spoke first. "What's the news, Yolanda?
"You have something to lean on? Forget it. You need more reliable hunters, there were three not far, I think they could've--" she looked at the other three. "Very suspicious, sweat, I sense quite a heat, coincidence nothing, you must've been the ones who deserted me in the Caves."
Jono looked. "Hey, we--"
"No" Yolanda interrupted. "No one, I mean NO ONE deserts another hunter, it's just not right. Maybe I should stick with you, you could need a little teaching."
Zephar stepped up. "I know we shouldn't have left, miss, but I don't want to be pestered by some sassy-mouthed hunter."
Yolanda turned around. "Fine, but I'm still coming." She turned back forward. "What are your names?"
"I'm Jono and he's Zephar"
"And what about the, er, young lady next to you?
"Ryo-Ohki, but we call her Ryo"
"Okay, if you didn't catch my name from Tyrell, I'm Yolanda. Now if you don't mind, I'm going shopping for mates and fluids."
Yolanda tripped.
"Do you think she's a bit of a screwball?"
"I heard that!" Yolanda snapped.

Feb 15, 2003, 10:12 PM
Great, first an unexperienced kid who needs a lift, an overzelous girl that can fry chicken, and now this, I thought to myself, putting my hand over my head.

"Sir, with all due respect, we can-"

"She's going with you, whether you like it or not. As Yolanda said, you are NEVER to abandon a Hunter when on the field."

I was two steps away from punching his nose in and asking him what good we could have done after the dragon. Actually, I was about a half-arm's length away. Either way, we went to the shop and stocked on supplies while our new member blabbed about every possible item in the store, almost like we were back at the academy. When she got a look at Jono's Musashi, she said it must have been a prototype and treated it as nothing special, which kinda crushed the kid's excitement of finding a special weapon, and got me very aggrivated.

We finally went back to Caves 1, and sure enough, Ms. Motermouth had a thing or a million to say. "I'll take up the rear so that you can't run away in case we find any injured hunters."

"Would it be ok if I took up the point and stole all the experience from you?" I asked her, trying to blend sarcasm and nice-ness together.

"I'll tell you what," Yolanda said. "You kill five Sharks, and I'll actually lie and treat you like your worth something."

That was it, and turned rght back around and glared at her. "No, I'll tell YOU what, you go kill a two-story-tall dragon and bring me it's head, and I'll actually want you around!"

"Ha! Dragon's don't exist on this sorry excuse for home."

I pulled out a large claw and showed it to her. "Proof enough for you?"

She stalled to think of something to say."It's...it's...it's a fake! A souvenier you brought from the homeworld!"

"Oh, look at that, warm little guts at the end." I said, holding the end part to show her. She stomped toward the nearest door, right smack dab into five sharks.

"Oh, crap."

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Feb 15, 2003, 10:54 PM
Okay, that was too much, way too off profile, I need to state profile more often. She's not that bossy, sassy of course, and a bit rude, but not a liar of that caliber (Oh yeah, and some corny puns and sarcastic behavior)
"Okay, more sharks, this is annoying." Yolanda uses her Dragon Slayer to get rid of most of them, but a Guil Shark remained. She unleashed a Zonde attack on the Guil Shark and it was defeated.

"Okay okay, sheesh, I know about the Dragon, one thing though. I believe you've heard of Dr. Montague, right. Now--"
"This better not be any more of your sass, miss" Zephar snapped.
"Hey, it's a tip" Yolanda said. "Now Dr. Montague has been experimenting with smithing weapons from parts of enemies, I think he just might change that to a quality claw. Trust me on this one, but you might not find him easily, I suggest to keep it in your inventory, although I don't think a Ranger would need a claw."
"And how do you know of this?"
Yolanda holds out her G-Assassin Sabers. "Arms of a Grass Assassin, smithed into a weapon by Dr. Montague. And one more thing..." She tossed what seemed to be a rifle-type gun. "Trust me, a peuny rifle won't do in a place like this. I don't know if your skill is good enough to use the legendary Visk 235W, I just found it somewhere."
Zephar Didn't show much gratitude.
"Okay," Yolanda started, "Let's just go, I'm sure you, Jono, and Ryo can handle these guys as much as I can, but it's best not to stray, I learned that. Actually, I'm quite grateful I came across you guys. But anyhow, let's just go."

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Feb 16, 2003, 05:57 PM
I smiled. Having all this company around me did wonders for my confidence, though Yolanda was big on sarcasm. The biggest thing that bothered me was that Ryo was pretty silent this whole time.
"Are you okay, Ryo? Is the heat getting to you?" I said, looking concerned. "Your face paint is starting to run a little."

Ryo smiled, wiping it off. "I'm okay, Jono... but the sooner we get out of here, the better. I miss being above ground. This place is so creepy and the monsters ugly.."

I laughed. "Hey, look at this, it's like my saber, cept its blue." I twirled it around, smirking.
Zephar noticed it: "That's a brand, Jono. The photon energy is blue because it's in a higher concentration than your saber. It'll serve you much better in here, I should say."
"Great!" I said as we went into the next room. "Let's try it out on this Grass Assassin."
Yolanda glared. "Don't be a fool, Jono, thinking you can take that on by yourself, though you have a new weapon."
"Relax, I'll be okay, look how slow that thing is."

It did crawl along very slowly, mandibles active. I ran at it from behind and it screamed as my saber tore through the exoskeleton, green blood shooting out the other side. It then surprised me by shooting some sticky substance at my feet.
"Ah! I can't move!"
Zephar called out to me. "Swing at its head! That'll stop it from using its blade arms on you!"
But before I could do that, a Foie spell came sailing at it, Ryo's work.
She smiled and looked very cute as the beast collapsed and bled to death, its spawn running away from the carcass.
"Disgusting..." We all said aloud.

Feb 16, 2003, 09:23 PM
She sounded that bossy to me. Sorry.
We walked through yet another room to find some more sharks and a couple of large flower-like creatures Yolanda called "Poison Lillies." Jono got poisoned for a moment, which Ryo got rid of with her Anti technique. Afterward, a dragon appeared, almost like the one we fought, only smaller and blue. The log called them Nano Dragons.

Hate to see the Mega Dragons, I thought, and pulled out my Mechguns. Six of my nine shots tore through the dragon, who flew up and went to a different side of the room.

"Not a very accurate gun." I then tore through the rest of the dragon.

"Whew, not bad!" Yolanda said. Then, a large creature came up. It had four legs and four arms, two big square like-eyes, and seemed to be two merged creatures. Yolanda said they were Pan Arms, and also stated that most attacks were useless against it. We waited until it split and then ripped through the two creatures. We continued in this manner until we had found another teleporter to Caves 2.

"Anyone wanna volunteer to go first?"

Feb 17, 2003, 10:43 PM
Yolanda rushed ahead with the others until they ran into a puddle. Yolanda looked at it. "Pofuilly Slime, hate these guys. It's best if you..." then the Pofuilly Slime rose, Yolanda striking and paralyzing it. "...make it hold still. Who wants to kill it?"
Short, yes, but I don't have a lot of time today.

Feb 18, 2003, 08:13 AM
"Hmm, a slime monster, eh? Ryo, why don't you try using Zonde?" I suggested.
She grinned, twirling her Cane and shooting a bolt of lightning which struck the Slime dead on, disintegrating it.
"That was clever, Jono," Zephar said.
"Ehh.. I figured, slime and lightning wouldn't go well together."

Ryo smiled more. "I'm glad we're in here now, I may be stepping in water but it's a nice break from the heat and lava on the floor above."
"I'm sure we're headed toward the center of Ragol," Yolanda said. She looked around, finding four switches on the ground. "Only one of these will work, the rest will be all mines. Everyone should use Trap Vision." We all did, and the hidden mines came into view.
"Who sets these traps anyway?"
"Maybe we'll find out," Zephar said, continuing on, in a guard stance.

Feb 18, 2003, 07:34 PM
ACK sorry everyone for some reason my computer wouldn't let me use this site for the longest time sorry! -_-
"I am so glad that we are in this nice cooler area" Said Ryo as she took of her (really tall) shoes and let her feet soak in some water and since most of her face paint was almost all the way off she just totally wiped all of it off. (making her face look like the just plain-eyed one I think #4 of the faces)

"Uh-oh..." Jono suddenly muttered.

"What?" everybody said almost at once

"It says here that there are about 10..or is it 17....anyways monsters approching this area right now."

"Yipe!" Ryo said before she ran to get her shoes which she put on faster than normal.

The door opened and tons of monsters pored into the room.

"I think they're getting smarter" said Zephyr.


Oooh guess what!? Someone recognized me online from this story! ^______^

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Feb 20, 2003, 05:41 PM
"Rrghh... we're surrounded!!" Yolanda then pulled out twin handguns... mechguns! She fired like mad, hoping to clear the room quickly of the monster threat. "There are too many... we'll have to work together to kill everyone of them!" So we all rushed them, me swinging away like mad at the Sharks, Zephar scything away the Poison Lilies and Ryo burning the rest with Foie.

Then a really weird mutant monster, a Pan Arms popped up from the ground beneath us, followed by a Nano Dragon and a morphing pool of slime.
"Wow, they really are getting smarter..." Ryo said, drinking a monofluid.

And I could swear I heard voices coming from the next room. Some hunters, or whoever was ahead of us, left us these ugly monsters to clean up. I tried to ignore that for now, because the monsters were the first thing to take care of since the door was locked.

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Feb 20, 2003, 06:01 PM
"Ryo! Attack the Pan Arms! Our attacks our useless against it, but your techniuqes will work! Jono, take on the slime! Yolanda, you and me are on slaying duty!"

I did my best to chew through the Nano Dragon with my Mechguns, but as soon as Yolanda came in close enough to attack, the dragon flew up.

"Crap!" Yolanda said, pulling out her own Mechguns as I equipped my Rifle. We eventually shot it down, but it was still kicking, and fired off a volley of energy orbs. I evaded the orb, but watched in shock as it steered itself into me.

"Crap, homing attack. RYO, JONO, DUCK!"

Both looked back to see their respective orbs connect. I got up, casted a slight Resta spell, and went back to my Mechguns.

"Eat slag, photon fodder!" I yelled, as unloaded my Mechguns while Yolanda Ripped through the dragon with her G-Assasin Sabers. It finally fell down dead.

"Whew! Shall we go help the others?"

Feb 22, 2003, 12:25 AM
Yolanda rushed back and blasted the Pan Arms with some Foie spells with Ryo until it lay dead. Meanwhile, Zephar help Jono destroy the Pofuilly Slime.
Yolanda looked. "Seems clear, but I think something strange is going on. I'll go ahead." With that, she rushed ahead.
A FOnewm was talking to a HUnewearl and a RAmar.
"So how is our progress?"
"Two levels underground, two more before we reach the underground channel." said the RAmar.
"Good" the FOnewm replied. "Soon we will be able to find and use Osto's Beta project to our needs. The organization would pay loads for this data."
The door opened.
"Who's there?" The FOnewm replied.
Yolanda entered. "Mujo? What the heck are you doing here?"
"None of your business, Yolanda" the FOnewm, Mujo, replied. He then looked at the RAmar and HUnewearl. "Doronbo, Anna, we must leave."
"HEY! WAIT!" Yolanda cried, but the three disappeared, a chunky RAmar with a glaive.
"Tonzlar? Or Tobokke? I forget. Why are you still with the organization?" Yolanda snapped."
The RAmar looked. "I'm just making a living."
Yolanda looked back. "Doors locked, better take this guy." Yolanda rushed forward and took two swipes with the sabers, paralyzing, then finishing him.
The RAmar looked. "It's over..."
He lay on the ground, unconscious. The doors unlocked, Zephar, Ryo, and Jono rushing in.
"What happened?" Ryo asked?
"Black Paper" Yolanda responded. "I'll explain along the way, let's go."

Feb 22, 2003, 07:28 AM
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! How the heck do you know about Black Paper?" I asked.

"Um, what the heck's Black Paper?" Ryo and Jono asked, puzzled.

"It's a secret criminal organization that steals and then sells weapons, androids, sometimes even people, on the black market."

"Ok Zepher, how do YOU know about it?" Yolanda asked.

"I've only heard rumors, stories about people dissapearing, weapons ending up in somebody else's hands, androids attacking their friends, so on. At first I thought it was just rumors, but since I seem to know someone who knows about it, I guess it's true."

As much as I wanted to, my fragile trust of Yolanda was breaking away. It was highly doubtful that a Black Papaer would say they're from Black Paper. Something about her made me think she was leading us into something.

"C'mon, let's just go."

Feb 22, 2003, 10:45 AM
I looked at my radar watch.
"I think there's someone else in this cave... they're all alone. No signs of life, but electrical signals. It's an android."
Yolanda gave me a skeptical look. "What would an android be doing here all alone? You're sure it isn't with that group of people we just saw?"
"I swear, I'm not lying! And there's a small bit of dark photon energy near it."
Ryo, at this time, proceeded past the waterfalls with Zephar, so not wanting to fall behind, I joined them.
"There it is again! The android is just a couple of rooms away from us. It doesn't seem to be leaving the spot. Maybe it needs maintenance?"

Zephar frowned. "If this is the same android I'm thinking of, then it's leading us into a trap."
Ryo looked up at him. "What do you mean? You know this android person?"
"Sort of. A long time ago, when I was beginning hunting, I spent time with this android who was an expert at battle. He carried a large scythe weapon with dark photon energy emitting from the blade. He had a purple frame... and his name was Kireek. Toward the end of the quest, I noticed Kireek acting a little strange, but I couldn't figure out why. He said he wanted me to prove to him my strength. Maybe, just maybe--"
"Shh!! I'm hearing the voices again. We can either catch up with them and stop them now, or deal with this android problem. What do you think, guys?"

Feb 22, 2003, 12:33 PM
Knowing Kireek, we wouldn't be enough. Even with Yolanda, our butts could creamed. But like I told Jono once, we can never know how good we are if we don't at least try.

"Ok, but first, Jono and Ryo get Scape Dolls," I said, handing a couple to them. "Next, Ryo makes a telepipe. If Ryo and Jono die, go through the pipe once you are revived by the doll. Ok?"

"But what about you two?" Jono inquired.

"Yolanda is an experienced hunter. She can handle herself. And me-I have a promise to fulfill."

Feb 22, 2003, 11:18 PM
Yolanda thought for a sec. Scythe with dark photon energy?
"Hey Zephar," Yolanda started to ask, "did that scythe look like a bird's long beak and an eye on a stick?" Vague description.
Zephar nodded his head.
"Soul Eater, it's a cursed scythe that drains the life of a user, it works their minds from sanity, it's not a prety sight." Yolanda lowered it to a whisper, talking to herself. "So the Black Hound of Pioneer 2 is Kireek, I wouldn't have guessed. But how did he get this cursed weapon?"
"What's the Black Hound?" Ryo asked, since everyone was hearing Yolanda.
Yolanda jumped back. "Okay, the Black Hound is an android created solely for battle. I heard Pioneer 1 also had one, but Pioneer 2 has Kireek. Someone like him would be hard to beat, but he'd probably be only half-sane holding that weapon for so long. I think you will stand a chance, considering you're out of range, or you might be dead. But as for me, I have more important things to focus on, I'm going ahead."
Zephar looked peeved. "You mean you're deserting us!?!"
Yolanda stared at Zephar for a few seconds. "This is business, and besides, I'm sure with you three, he'll be outmatched."
Yolanda went to the next room, holding a teleporter to Caves 3.
"One more thing," Yolanda called out, "I suggest you use that Visk I gave ya, Zephar!"
With that, she went to Caves 3.
Doronbo, Mujo, and Anna were in a blue-mineral-filled room, joined with a HUmar, Tobokke.
"Sir, is that girl going to pose a threat to this mission?" Doronbo asked.
"Unfortunately, yes." Mujo responded. "I'm afraid we'll have to take her to Osto's Beta project."
"What about contacts with Gekigasky?" Anna asked.
"He's busy on Pioneer 2." Mujo answered.
The door opened and Yolanda came in.
"Mujo, Doronbo, and Tobokke. Who's the last one? Oh well, perhaps I'll take you all in. Black Paper is nothing but a worthless scam and I don't know why I joined in the first--oof!" Tonbokke sneaked behind Yolanda and knocked her to the ground.
Tobokke and Anna were ahead while Mujo was behind carrying Yolanda. But unnoticably, items kept leaking out from Yolanda's inventory, mostly mates and fluids, leaving a trail.
Mujo looked at the portal to the channel.
"So, Yolanda, it ends here." The four entered the teleporter.
Okay, so it's a really short caves three. Sorry about that, but I just got a decent brainstorm.

Feb 22, 2003, 11:23 PM
"Hmmm..."Zepher started to think to himself.

"Well?" Jono asked.

"I don't like this. We can either risk our lives and fight Kireek, our we can risk our lives and follow Yolanda."

Zepher examined his Visk. "It's your call Jono."

Feb 23, 2003, 11:37 AM
"I think the android will wait for us. Let's stick to the mission." I said. "Down here, it gets really complex, so if you see anyone, don't lose them. We don't have much time."
Ryo tugged on my shirt. "What is it?"
"Umm, what if that android comes after us and tries a sneak attack?"
"He won't," Zephar said. "Thats not his style. All you have to worry about is the thugs up ahead and to our right."

Zephar examined the map. It appeared to be an old mine shaft, with many passageways leading left and right. "There's some life forms ahead, two, no three rooms north. If we hurry we can still get them before something happens."

I know it's short, but we're getting near the end of this one. Or the climax of the story to put it another way.

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Feb 23, 2003, 01:46 PM
G-Assassin, read my post, Yolanda's not with the group right now. Better re-edit your post.

Feb 24, 2003, 09:54 PM
Whoops, sorry Daiyogin. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/anime2.gif I fixed it.

Feb 24, 2003, 11:54 PM
And now, your mixing up the two fanfics. Remember, I'm ZEPHER in this one, and DEMITRI in the second one.

Feb 25, 2003, 05:25 PM
On 2003-02-24 20:54, RavenTW wrote:
And now, your mixing up the two fanfics. Remember, I'm ZEPHER in this one, and DEMITRI in the second one.

Fixed that too, I was really tired when I wrote that post, hehe... http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/anime2.gif

Mar 7, 2003, 08:43 PM
Sorry about the two week prob, I'm surprised you didn't post.
Three rooms later--

"Good thing all those items along the way were there" Jono said.
"Well," Zephar stated, "I think it's kinda suspicious."
"Why?" Jono asked
"Well, the items are too lined up, it's a bit suspicious... it might be a trap."
"Yeah, Yolanda wouldn't leave her Dragon Slayer behind" Ryo said.
Jono looked surprised. "That is Yolanda's Dragon Slayer!"
Zephar looked indifferent. "The other people took a teleporter just next--" the door opened showing a big square transporter. "room."
"Okay, Yolanda," Mujo said, dropping the seemingly-unconscious Yolanda, "you will cause us no more trouble." Yolanda grinned. "Not really, I've still got some business to finish before then."
Mujo jumped back. "Cuff her!!!"
Tonbokke and Doronbo pulled Yolanda's arms behind her and cuffed her.
"Aw crud!" Yolanda yelled. "Don't think I'm any worse off."
"Ha ha ha," Mujo laughed, "Fiesty until the end."
At that moment, a giant worm came out of the water.
"It looks like Beta772 is here, Dr. Osto's research at its best."
Yolanda just grinned. On the other hand she thought, I might just be in over my head. No, if these goons are here, there will be nothing for them to stop me from debanding Black Paper.
Just then, a cutter blade hit the cuffs, breaking them. The cutter came from Anna, or was it?
"How dare you, Anna!?!" Mujo yelled.
Yolanda pulled out her Rappy's Fan. "Hate to interrupt you but I don't think that's Anna"

Mar 22, 2003, 08:53 PM
I frowned. "Would you forget about all of this for a second? That worm is going to crush us all if we don't do something!"
Zephar took out his mechguns and started firing like mad at the worm, but the shots were very inaccurate, doing little to its life energy rating. Ryo charged forward and starting zapping it with Zonde, the water mixing with the electricity seeming to have a nice reaction to the worm. Then it leapt, and started firing blue beams at us, a whole lot of em.
"Crud..." She exclaimed, eyes wide.

Mar 23, 2003, 01:00 AM
"To a corner!"
Yolanda and the rest ran to a corner.
"Okay, that's it! Hate to take command, bot Mujo, Ryo, use Rafoie on this guy Zephar, you better have a shot of any sort, rest of the hunters, wait for when he lunges on, I'll do my job" She said, taking out her Rappy's Fan.
Everyone attacked as planned until De Rol Le sunk back.
"Is he dead?" Jono asked.
De Rol Le went across the ceiling, dropping rocks on everyone. Ryo used a resta spell while the lights went out.
"CURSE THOSE LIGHTS!" Yolanda yelled.
Temporary alliance with Black Paper, ouch.

Mar 24, 2003, 10:37 AM
"Shot-type? Hah, I'm not that rich." I said, and pulled out the new Wals. The worm popped out of the water and started gathering energy in it's mouth.

"Run to the other side, NOW!" I said, rolling over to the other side of the raft as a large purple laser was launched across it. I pelted the creature with a few more shots until he shot another laser, and then another.

He kept up this routine until the emergency power came on and the lights went up again. He then beached himself on a side of the raft.

"Jono, use your sword to attack multiple sections of it's body!"

This guy is tougher than anything we've faced so far. If we're not careful, we'll be screwed. I thought to myself, letting loose with my Wals.