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May 30, 2008, 06:15 PM
I currently have available to trade:

2/9 Neutral Twin DB Swords
0/10 18% Light Twin DB Swords
0/10 24% Ice Soda Riban
0/10 15% Fire Twin Durandal Replica
0/10 24% Fire Two-Headed Ragnus
0/10 16% Fire Crimson
0/10 Hanmeratic
0/10 Preta
3/10 Varista

Shinowa Line

Legsless / Rainbow

My wants are currently as follows:

Fire Twin DB Swords (preferably ungrinded, % doesn't matter)
Blackheart (board or made, doesn't matter. Preferably Light if made. % doesn't matter)
Female CAST bikini swimwear
Other than those, I use a variety of weapons so I'll listen to any offer. As usual, thanks for looking~