View Full Version : S Armor Serafi-senba and storm lines

May 31, 2008, 07:27 PM
dark 28% serafi 24 mil
ground 28% serafi 24 mil

storm line 24% light 5 mil
storm line 34% ground 9.9 mil
strom line 26% ground 3.8 mil
Storm line 24% ground 3.7 mil

Shop antenora

Going to be making some more when I get some more baords and polymers tell me an element you want and I will probably make some for you going off current market prices but I price mine lower than all the rest!

Looking for
ortapolymer at 60k each
Nanopolymer at 175k each
[b] storm line 300k each
[b] serafi-senba 13 mil each

GT wild arms 2