View Full Version : Shigga Baret 7/7 + others

Sep 2, 2008, 08:59 PM
hello ive been trying to get rid of it lol so im willing to take offers on it and i usually sell the lowest. i have in shop now for 23million which seems to be the cheapest. i will take trades only for fortegunner stuff though or a castest line armor with good %

also in my shop
Song For Death 7/7 6 Million
Needle Cannon 3/3 6.5 Million
Gekitsnata 26% Light 8/8 5million

and i have a Rattlesnake 7/8 that i would like to trade towards a 8/8 i am willing to trade any of these listed plus meseta or the rattle with meseta. im too scared to try to grind one more:-P

Shop Name: AkiraX
GT: Akirachan X