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Dec 26, 2008, 04:41 PM
Mostly with information from the Japanese PS Zero Wiki and information obtained by myself and other members on this board, heres my attempt at translating the Title list, not the titles themselves or the rewards yet, just the actual tasks you need to perform.
Things I need help with are listed at the bottom, please help out if you have any info or notice incorrect stuff. (I didnt name any bosses because later ones would be spoilers)

Defeat the boss of Gurhacia Valley 5 times
Defeat the boss of Ozette Wetlands 5 times
Defeat the boss of Oblivion City Paru 5 times
Defeat the boss of Dark Shrine 5 times
Defeat the Final Boss 5 times
Defeat the boss of Gurhacia Valley in 60 seconds
Defeat the boss of Ozette Wetlands in 60 seconds
Defeat the boss of Oblivion City Paru in 60 seconds
Defeat the boss of Dark Shrine in 60 seconds
Defeat the Final Boss in 120 seconds
Kill 1000 Enemies total
Kill 5000 Enemies total
Kill 10000 Enemies total
Kill each type of enemy at least once
Complete 15 missions on Normal
Complete 15 missions on Hard
Complete Eternity Tower on Normal
Complete Eternity Tower on Hard
Discover the Pizza Hut
Discover a Rappy Nest
Discover the Cake Stand
Discover the Usani Nest (Black Bunnies)
Discover the Arena
Reach Level 3
Reach Level 10
Reach Level 20
Reach Level 30
Reach Level 40
Reach Level 50
Reach Level 60
Reach Level 70
Reach Level 80
Reach Level 90
Reach Level 100
Use the maximum amount of Materials you can
Deal out over 300 Damage with one strike
Deal out over 600 Damage with one strike
Deal out over 1800 Damage with one strike
Receive over 300 Damage
Achieve a 10 Chain Combo
Achieve a 25 Chain Combo
Order NPC companions 100 times
Play in Multiplayer mode with another Player
Use Visual Chat 100 times
Exchange 10 Photon Drops with the Sewer Trader
Exchange 50 Photon Drops with the Sewer Trader
Exchange 100 Photon Drops with the Sewer Trader
Pet every Cat in town
Strengthen a Weapon to its maximum grind
Strengthen a Weapons % proficiency to 60%
Collect 50% of Sabers
Collect 50% of Swords
Collect 50% of Daggers
Collect 50% of Spears
Collect 50% of Claws
Collect 50% of Shields
Collect 50% of Double Sabers
Collect 50% of Handguns
Collect 50% of Rifles
Collect 50% of Gunblades
Collect 50% of Mechguns
Collect 50% of Cannons
Collect 50% of Lasers
Collect 50% of Rods
Collect 50% of Wands
Collect 50% of Slicers
Find a Dragon's Horn
Find a Double Saber
Find a Witch's Broom
Find a Bright Moon
Find a Calamity Soul
Find a Lavis Cannon
Raise a Mag to its fourth stage
Evolve a Mag into a Rare form
Possess 1 Million Meseta at one time
Collect 30 Titles
Complete the Naura Sisters side quest mission

Heres the things I need help on:

- If you have one that is not on the list, post it!

Dec 26, 2008, 07:53 PM
as to what "karamitisouru" is, i have no idea, my copy hasn't arrived yet, my guess is that like the others it is a weapon, and that it is romanji for calamity soul (it is the only word that is left in romanji)

Dec 26, 2008, 09:16 PM
I dunno which one you're using, but this one (http://pszero.gamecmr.com/data/titlereward/index.html) seems to list some of the rewards too.

Dec 26, 2008, 09:31 PM
- There are two titles relating to the Cake Shop, one for finding it and another for something to do with the Naura Sisters being there? I've yet to find it so for the people who have, are the Naura Sisters sometimes not there?

I might have this, I don't speak or read any Japanese, but I ran into a shop in the snow level with 2 women there, afterwards I had a new quest which I did (unrepeatable) involving the two of them. Maybe the second title is for doing the quest and the first for just finding the place?

Dec 26, 2008, 09:35 PM
Thanks for that Calamity Soul translation hikage818, it was the only one I couldnt figure out cause I haven't found one yet (whatever it is) ^_^;

Yeah I'm using a different one than that wiki but its always nice to have more resources. I'll be adding rewards once all the tasks are confirmed as the rewards list on the wiki I used has a few missing.

That sounds pretty right to me rob2003ert, I'll change it to something more along those lines. Thanks!!

Dec 26, 2008, 09:46 PM
Between "Defeat the Final Boss 5 times" and "Kill 1000 Total Enemies" I have 4 titles with 60 in them and the "Final Boss in 120 seconds" one, so there's another one you're missing on the list, I can post a screenshot if you want. Also, in the level ones I have the level 70 one there (but not unlocked, top line is just a bunch of question marks), I'm level 66 at the moment, so I'm sure you're right about them going up to 100.

Dec 26, 2008, 09:55 PM
Thats cool, I guessed it would go to 100, and dont worry I know the one I missed... I just forgot to type up Oblivion City Paru boss in 60 seconds... heh.

Dec 27, 2008, 10:36 AM
Could you link to it? Wouldn't mind contributing to it if I knew what they were still missing.
Edit: Ah, this one (http://pszero.wikiwiki.jp/?%BE%CE%B9%E6)'s nearly complete already. Bye-bye effort.