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Dec 31, 2008, 06:10 PM
This topic is meant for people to post what achievements you either have yourself, or do not yet have.

Use this link here to find out what achievements you have:
Please note that the link above seems to be an incomplete list.

I am doing quite well myself. I am currently at 65% and have these remaining:

湿地を10回走破 = beat osette 10 times
雪原を10回走破 = beat rioh 10 times
全種類のエネミーを討伐 = find 100% enemies
ココ・ハットを発見 = recieve a coco hat
ラッピーの巣を発見 = find the rappy's nest
ウサニーの巣を発見 = find usane's nest
レベルが90に達した = get to level 90
レベルが100に達した = get to level 10
サリサを50回招待 = invite sarisa 50 times
カイを50回招待 = invite Kai 50 times
ドラゴンホーンを入手 = find "ドラゴンホーン"
ダブルセイバーを入手 = find "ダブルセイバー"
リヴァマンミズーリを入手 = find "リヴァマンミズーリ"
カラミティソウルを入手 = find "カラミティソウル"
ラヴィス=カノンを入手 = find "ラヴィス=カノン"
マグを第四段階まで育てた = raise a fourth evolution mag
所持メセタが1000000に達した = have one million meseta