View Full Version : Are rares too common?

Jan 9, 2009, 08:05 PM
Rares are too common:
-You can find every item in about 50 runs through any given area
-It is common to see at least one rare item drop in almost every single room. This ruins the excitement of seeing a red box.
-It can be so easy to get good equipment that if a certain item were to be considered the "best", you would see mostly everybody running around with that item

Rares are fine as they are:
-There is plenty for rare hunters to do. A person may hunt a certain weapon or armor until they find one with the preferred element level, photon art, or number of slots.
-There are tower exclusive rares
-People may want to own multiple copies of an item (such as units) for personal use or to trade.

My thoughts are that rares are fine as they are. I however would have preferred to see red boxes exclusive to 7 stars only.

Jan 9, 2009, 08:23 PM
The rares in this game are common, but like PSO the common rares are meh.
Its the Rare rares that are awesome and they are thankfully a little harder to find.

...Then theres the RARE Rare rares which are basically the best weapons of each type in the game but they all come from the Heavens Master at the top of a 101 floor area that approximately maybe only 1/10 can be bothered to run more than once, so I imagine those rares will be the only TRUE rares due to the majority of players loathing the Eternal Tower.
(not me though, back to the grind! Claire Doubles here I come!)

Jan 9, 2009, 09:15 PM
Yeah, what sodandy said. There are the "typical" or "generic" rares, which are strong, but are just recolourings of previous weapons. i.e. an Ainsleif is just a yellow Ascalon (which is red), but it's still a 7* weapon.

Then you've got crap like Zero Rifle (which I got off Heaven's Mother) which is a Level 70 I think weapon, and looks 100% unique (it's gold and stuff :O). Heaven's Mother isn't the only thing that drops ACTUAL rares of course, just an example. Rare rares are always near the bottom end of the item list, too.

Jan 9, 2009, 11:07 PM
the best rare items come from heaven's mother but like most of us, after doing one run, we dont want to do it again. its just time consuming and boring. hell, you might not even get a good rare from her