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Jan 30, 2009, 08:00 AM

A flock of Rappy Amures helps a young human girl profess her love to CAST dude... by giving him a Rappy. Aww!

Jan 30, 2009, 08:11 AM

Jan 30, 2009, 09:40 AM
It's adorable. I especially love the Human and the CASTs faces! XD

Cast: O_O Uhhh!! *Flush*
Human: H-here, Happy Valentine's Day~ >.> *Flush*

Jan 30, 2009, 10:16 AM
...why not a Newman though :/

Jan 30, 2009, 10:36 AM
Rappies can be so kind.

Well, the little ones, anyway. The larger ones like to chase me down and put me to Sleep at the end of World of Illusion Alpha. *fistshake*

Jan 30, 2009, 11:00 AM
xD aww i like this one. I think its one of my fav. of all ther ones so far.
There face expresses are priceless XD

Jan 30, 2009, 11:00 AM
...why not a Newman though :/

Because there isn't a P. Wand in the picture.

Dark Emerald EXE
Jan 30, 2009, 11:12 AM
Looks like a hinata-naruto moment :P

Jan 30, 2009, 11:14 AM
I think I can sum this all up with one word...


Jan 30, 2009, 01:20 PM
Cuuute. <3

Too bad they'll never be able to make babies. :disapprove:

Jan 30, 2009, 01:29 PM
I love these calenders. This one made me giggle a bit, then I proceeded to "awww."

Jan 30, 2009, 01:30 PM
I thought it'd was cool, but then it was another generic fleshy CAST T_T;.

Might as well have just put the female in voloyal.

Neat artwork but not going as my wallpaper for this month :P


Jan 30, 2009, 02:51 PM

Those are the exact same parts and colors my CAST uses.

Jan 30, 2009, 03:11 PM
Cuuuuuute :3 I love her wibbly mouth XD

Jan 30, 2009, 03:20 PM
Cuuute. <3

Too bad they'll never be able to make babies. :disapprove:

They could build a CAST...

Jan 30, 2009, 03:53 PM
Lol they had to make a fleshy CAST. I thought CAST were the more straight forward ones, like Curtz with Lumia and the CAseal that wanted Ethan's babies. XD

Jan 30, 2009, 05:08 PM
Well, how else would the CAST express his confusion?

They can't exactly go:
"Search: Affection.exe
File not found"

Jan 30, 2009, 05:19 PM
Well, CASTs do posses emotional chips as Curtz stated at one time, but need special permission up above to alter it if they needed to. ... And who wanted Ethan's babies?! 0_o;

Jan 30, 2009, 07:22 PM
That is so darling! *downloads right away*

Jan 30, 2009, 08:22 PM
That cast better except or there will be consequences *loads gun* click-click

Jan 31, 2009, 02:42 AM
In V1 Offline Story Mode there is a female CAST wearing AMF Clothing, not parts, who wanders around just outside of the GRM shop. She wants Ethan to help her have a child. I don't quite remember, but I think she didn't realize that CASTs couldn't actually bear children like humans do. Eventually she decides to help an AMF Officer inside GRM who adopted a young boy who wants to become a CAST when he grows up.

There are a number of odd and rather interesting little NPC subplots within Episode 1. My favorite involves Pipi Vol and how they brought it back up in Episode 2 and 3.

Jan 31, 2009, 03:04 AM
Mikaris (that caseal) actually was aware that she couldn't have kids of her own. What happened was that she told Ethan that she'd like to have a baby and Ethan was...well, Ethan, and assumed that she wanted his "donation." She called him an idiot and elaborated.

The NPCs are just as interesting in Episode 2, even though you have to do Extra mode to see them. They provide good background information about Gurhal. Information...which I have employed towards my own ends. Apparently, Mt. Ohtoku is created by generators. ...Or so says the CoG.

Jan 31, 2009, 03:09 AM
Cuuute. <3

Too bad they'll never be able to make babies. :disapprove:
Bunch of little cyborgs running around, playing in front of the fireplace. Wouldn't that be darling.

Jan 31, 2009, 10:19 AM
She's all yours bro. Casts are the real pimp

Feb 2, 2009, 04:43 AM
O there is a second part to that then in extra mode, I haven't relly tried that. Mikaris in V1 wanted a date with Ethan. But anyway Deja has no problems showing emotion even with his nose.

Feb 2, 2009, 04:48 AM

Feb 3, 2009, 05:33 AM
How cute!
I like that there's a hint of Laia and Maya being involved in the match making. x3