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Feb 14, 2003, 06:28 PM
On 2003-02-14 13:59, Ness wrote:

I don't what kind of shit hole you get your news from, but the US in not a terrorist.

This is not just coming in today on the news, this has been going of for years. I watch many different new sourses such as fox, msnbc, BBC world, and al jazerra. They have all shown proof that the Isreali governtment condones violent acts against citizens. The Palistinain government is just as guily of this as well. The U.S. has gone after innocent people for decades. Vietnam, Korea, South America, you name it. In the asian wars they allowed and order soldiers to burn villages and churchs. The reason they hid behind was they the "enemy" may have been there. That is irrelivant, churchs mosques ect are sanctuarys and holy places that are not to be disturbed by anyone, anywhere.

I never liked Bush I'll admit, but I love America and I (hell freezes over) support Bush in his decsion to goto war.

I love my country, I fear my government.

You're right we do help Isreal in the war, but the Palestinians started this whole war thing. Isreal is just fighting back. If the Palestinians had protested NON-violently they would have thier own country by now, but since the decided to put on bomb vest and run into malls they are paying the price.

Sitting in your house eating dinner, then all of a sudden a bulldozer knocks down the wall of your house down. I think thats pretty non-violent to begin with. Now the main problem with your statement is the fact that the Palistinians had very few weapons while the Isrealis were armed with tanks missles, helicotpters ect. You can't have any idea of what it's like to live there unless you have done it your self or know someone who has lived there and can tell you first hand. They tried to have policital debates and treatys to solve the problem but that all failed and violence, from both sides rose up and began to take over.

To be honset with you, I think Isreal should just run all the Palestinians out of Isreal and into Jordan, since that's where most of them are anyway.

Even though it's very hard to prove who was there first? And lets not forget the fact that the land was to be split and shared to begin with?

Besides, it's not Isreals fault the Plaestinians are homelss. At the end of the war, Isreal took SOME of the land known as Palesitne, but it was Jordan and surronding areas that took most of it. So why aren't the Palestinians attacking the other countires instead of Isreal?

No, not at all. It's not there fault the Palistinians are homeless? News flash Isreal has been destroying Palistinian homes and putting up isreali settlements for years and they are doing it this moment right now as well. The war is not over either, far from it. The Isrealis are not holding up there ends of the treatys either. The land was to be split and neither side wanted to give up there land. You can push someone only so far untill they begin to push back.

1. Religious reasons
2. They are a bunch of overzealous religious dumbasses
3. They see non-Islam people as evil

Notice the similarity in reasons? thought so.

1. obviously. 2. Thats just rediculous you know nothing about any of the people there and I'm willing to wager you've never even met a muslim person in you life. 3. Once again ness you are sadly mistaken. Muslims do not see non-muslims as evil, just different but a human who deserves respect just as much as they do.

To both of you:
America is more powerful than the nest 10 countires combined so if we wanted to terrorize the would we could. But wer don't want to.

We are terrorizing the world. If you read my past posts you'd see how. Can you even read?

I for one am getting pretty piss off about how all these countires hate when we saved their asses. I say we put up a forcefield around the US and let the rest of the world fuck itself over. Then we'll see how much it doesn't need us.

Do you even know what you are talking about here? Yes we have helped other countrys, but only when theres been something to gain in it for us. Most countrys now dissagree with us because we are jumping the gun. We should wait and allow the UN to decide when the time for military action is. If you watch the UN debate this afternoon you'd know why.

To all of you that think this should be locked:
You just don't like to take up issues that you know you can't win in.

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Then I imagine you want this thread locked as well. I can prove my facts and back up my posts. You can not and resort to childish name calling. Good job.


Guntz wrote:

As for that, its a matter of interpritation. I have heard from Muslims that they should try to convince people of other faiths that they should convert to Islam but if they don't want to, to just leave them alone. One of my best friends is Muslim and he says that anyone who tells you that in the Koran it says to kill people is a "5%'er"


So this is where you get all your sick, twisted, and wrong information. I don't what the hell a 5%er is, but if it is what your "best friend" said it was then that means almost every Muslim is a 5%er because they want America gone. Then after they are done with us, they will got Europe then Canada and finally Austrailia. I bet your friend gives you all these Muslims propaganda books and since he's your best firend you believe him.

About the whole 5%er thing this can be ture will all religions and it ture witha all religions, but I'm not here to get into that.

Maybe you should try to read what I wrote for a change. If you actually knew anything about what was going on that region or anything about Islam or Juedaism you would know what a 5%'er is. You would aslo know that many people through out history have tried to twish the words of the holy books to suite there own needs. Once again if you bothered to read what I wrote you may have an understanding. Since you didn't and you don't I can't see how in the world you think you can comment on this subject since your knoledge of it is little to none.

My freind is just a middle class working man who goes to school and works. He pays his taxes and obbeys the law. No he has never tried to give me any propaganda books. He is simply muslim that is all. Like I said, and will do again for you ness is tell you, that the vast majority of muslims are exactly like Christians. They do not try to force views on anyone. They do not advocate violence anywhere against anyone. You are sadly mistaken. There are violent religeous sects every where of every faith.

I suggest you try to learn some facts before you open your mouth in the future. It will save you a lot of embarament.

Feb 14, 2003, 06:57 PM
Guntz, 4 words:

missionaries and manifest destiny.

oh and btw, fellow chow yun fat fan? hell yea

Feb 14, 2003, 09:53 PM
Yeah I said that before when I said governments are inherently based on greed. As for Mr. Yun-Fat, I'm only pissed i couldnt find a good picture of the Winstar DVD cover, you know the one where its Chow and Danny Lee with the guns to each others heads, and it says "THE KILLER" underneith. Such a great pic and a great scene. Think I'll go watch The Killer now. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif

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good leisure time reading


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awwwww I can't read kanji http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_frown.gif *sniffles*

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but you can read this


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yeah... Iraq...