View Full Version : S Some Fortefighter Weps + Random Stuff

Kinachi Desbo
Aug 2, 2009, 05:03 AM
Message my GT: Xx Marc240 Xx

Ok the Fighter weps that im selling are:
24% Ice Melan Knuckle 2/9
0% Sangeyasha 5/5
21% Fire Tiga De Ragan 0/10

I also have some Gunner weps here too:
8/8 Rattlesnac
x2 7/7 Rattlesnac
3/10 Shigga Pakuda
2/9 Promoto Cannon
Other various gunner items such as blackbulls, rattlesnakes, mizuraikahohs and plently of others!

Random things are:
Illuminus Coat (Aqua/White)
Morbinia x? (Not sure how many i've got)

I have random junk that i dont use in my storage so if there's anything you're looking for that i havent listed then let me know coz i may just have it somewhere