View Full Version : Vote me for Rappy Tickler! Who else...

Feb 24, 2003, 07:36 PM
Who else:
1. Is the leader and creator of the Offical Rappy Fan Club (ORFC)?
2. Knows what Rappys are named after?
3. Has created the 100% Official Rappy Hat (TM) (don't ask...)?
4. Is willing to pay lots of $$$$$$ for a complete set of Rappy plushies?
5. Nearly wet himself during the Singing by the Beach quest?
6. Cried at the end of the quest?
7. Knows about (AKA made up) Rappy biology?
8. Knows how and why Holiday/Love Rappys appear?
9. Is a member of the Clan of the Rappy?
10. Bothered to make 10 reasons why he should be Rappy Tickler?