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Nov 26, 2009, 11:05 PM
My All new Trading List narrowing it down to awesome weapons 7* and some 6*
Zero Saber 30/0/0/26 Dark PA Cross Rave
SlowAinsraiffe 0/19/0/0/3 PA Dynamo Spin
SlowAinsraiffe 27/0/0/0/3 PA Dynamo Spin
Foie Haze PA Huge Cross
HeartEclamasach 25/0/0/0/3 PA Speed Rain
LightEclamasach 0/21/0/24/3 PA Hopping Run
ZalureGrand Chariot 0/24/0/0/3 PA Hopping Run
DarkAdolralphs 25/0/11/13/2 PA Serpent Air
DarkHadan Bite 43/0/0/22/4 PA Bite Stamp <<<Good Claw Here
LightMorgenlote 0/19/0/0/3 PA Tornado Dance
Mehrennenka 0/0/39/24 PA Million RAve
DarkRouge Pulse 0/0/0/5/2 PA Flame Hit
DrawGarland Drei 0/0/0/41/2 PA Mine Sneak
Neidaryl PA Impact Zero
6* Dark Riverman Missouri 50/0/0/0/3 PA Cool Style-Good gun be here
StunCrimson Vis 37/0/0/0/1
DrawCrimson Vis 0/28/0/0/1 PA Acro Step
Yellow Sun PA Crazy On
Stun Nemesis 0/0/0/0/4 PA Wild Blow<<Good bazooka Here
HeatGallatin 0/16/43/0/2 PA Bio-panic
ZalureGallatin 0/34/0/30/1 PA Divine Ray
Kerykeion 47/0/0/0 PA Rodeo Drive
Loneos 0/0/0/24 PA Bright Sign
HeartLoneos 0/0/0/0/3 PA Say Good-bye
Garahadan fangx3

Noble Cloak 4 slot *Fully Grinded
Carabinier Armor 4 slotx3
Pizza Box+99 4 slot<<good armor, fully upgraded
Ancient Robe 4slotx2
Divine Mindx1
PA Save LV 3x2
Tech Level Boost

Femini Soul
Soniti Soul
I am looking for divine powers/mind, yasm, swords, fuuma shuriken, and a white disaster with a PA. Offer other stuff though.
Remember, Please post what item you want ALONG WITH OFFER
Remember, Please post what item you want ALONG WITH OFFER
Remember, Please post what item you want ALONG WITH OFFER

Nov 28, 2009, 09:47 PM
Edited and new trading list up.

Nov 28, 2009, 09:57 PM
What do you want for 4 Divine/Mind?

Nov 28, 2009, 11:29 PM
you gotta offer

Nov 30, 2009, 08:50 PM

Nov 30, 2009, 10:21 PM
That Noble Cloak and Divine Mind sound good. This is all I have, if anything or any combination of things interest you for either or both, let me know.

Radam Soul
Femini Soul
Rappy Soul
Megid 15 x 2
Dark Resist Lvl 5
PP Recovery Lv 4
Carabiner Armor 4 slot
Trois Souther Edge Riser
Kerykeion 22% to Native and 39% to beast / Rolling Bar
Neidaryl 29% accuracy Bullet Dance
Jell Lv 3 Mehrenneka28% to Native Million Rave
Celeb Lv 2 Ainsraiffe 43% to Machine Over End

If not that's cool.