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Dec 6, 2009, 02:36 PM
Grand Chariot, 36% to Beast, Hopping Run,
Jell Lv 3 Mehrenneka, 28% to Native, Million Rave
Twin Brand 35% to Dark

Neidaryl, 29% to Accuracy, Bullet Dance
Neidaryl, Impact Zero
Crimson Vis, Acro Step
Rouge Pulse 36% to Natural, 29% to Beast,Thriller combo
Rouge Pulse 26% to Beast, 31% to Accuracy
Gallatin, 36 to Accuracy, Bio-Impact
Neidaryl, 29% accuracy, Bullet Dance
Nemsis, 42% to Native, 27% to Dark

Kerykeion, 22% to Native, 39% to beast, Rolling Bar
Trois Souther, Edge Riser
Lones, 32% to Beast

Armor and Units:
Noble Cloak 3 slots
Carbiner Armor 4slots
Ancient Robe 4 slots x 2
Dark Resist Lv 5
Heat Resist Lv5
PP Recovery Lv 4
Master Swift x 3

Rappy Soul
Femini Soul
Blue Femini Mag 100 Mind Breezy Frozir

Dec 6, 2009, 07:48 PM
List has been updated if anyone cares.