View Full Version : MechaRyu's Trade List

Dec 13, 2009, 01:18 AM
Hey people! finally made a trade list. Im only lookin for one thing and ONE THING ONLY...A soniti soul. if u like suttin on this list but dont have a soniti soul, make me an offer and ill get bakk to u ASAP. Thanks and good hunting!

over 2mil meseta
Ice fenrir + 35 0/0/0/0 LVL 3 Ice Air Ride
Light Morgenlote + 10 0/49/0/0 LVL 3 Light Tornado Dance
Light Mehrennenka 0/0/0/23 LVL 1 Light Cyclone Run
Celeb Blue Danube 0/29/0/0 LVL 2 Celeb Crush Bomb
Ancient Robe 4 Slots
Element Boost
Tech-Level Boost
Dark Protect
Slow Protect
4 Rappy Soul
Arkharz Soul
31 HP Mat
28 PP Mat
37 Guard Mat
27 Hit Mat
15 Swift Mat