View Full Version : My campain speech of why I should be PSOW'S Mome.

Feb 27, 2003, 02:46 AM
Now you may think, that I'm not that very Mome-y. But thats not true! I have 100 hours on one of my characters and shes not to ult yet. None of my characters are to ult yet. I also need the Salvation Army for my rares. I couldnt kill a normal Rag Rappy with a double Cannon. I'm so Mome-y, I have to tell people when I join a game that I cannot attack or do anything helpful. My best weapon is a handgun with no percents. Not even a legit handgun! If you pick me as PSOW's Mome, I'll uphold my title by not helping anyone amd being very annoying and get killed by rappies daily. Thanks for being considrate and voting me for a dubious honour!