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Professor Xavier
Jul 16, 2010, 05:59 PM
Below is a sampling of my internet speeds today during the 3pm hour Pacific standard time. You can see from the results the speeds were all over the place. As low as 1.4 Megabits for download and as high as 19.5 Megabits. Upload speeds were very consistent by comparison. Very consistently between 2.0 and 2.5 megabits. It is very clear from these results the internet is kind of like the ocean. There are highs and low. With large and small waves in between. PSU Lag is probably somewhat like the Internets ups and downs. When we experience lag in the afternoon but not at night. It may be fine the next day. When there has been no maintenance on the PSU server and we still get lag one day and not the next. And when the server had the same amount of stars on both days. This tells me its more the internet than the PSU servers. It seems the Lag should be consistent from one day to the next when the Stars are the same. There are lots of other possibilities for this lag. But yesterday I took similar readings from Speakeasy and my PSU was really laggy. And I mean really bad. Almost all of the Spekeasy results were below 1.4 for the download speed. And my upload speed always being very steady tells me its not really Comcast either. And sometimes I read posts here that say one person is laggy , while someone else who played the same time was perfectly OK! It all just says the internet is very unpredictable. ANd we should not point fingers when we get lag. I have noticed the same kind of thing for my internet surfing as well. I can watch Hulu with zero lag most of the time where as Youtube sometimes takes forever.

Please post your results as you feel they are relevant to this thread. Maybe we will see more trends we don't know about.

SPEAKEASY Results From Comcast internet in Portland, Oregon
Today 3pm hour Pacific time
Seattle 5.82 D--- 2.50 U
San Fran 3.17 D--- 2.42 U
LA 2.34 D--- 2.48 U
Dallas 2.13 D------------2.44 U
Chicago 1.20 D----------- 2.55 U
Atlanta 1.57 D--------- 2.41 U
New York 1.44 D---- 2.34 U
Washington DC 1.47 ----------2.40 U

General test Bandwidthplace.com
15.3 D-------2.3 U

Cnet 577.5 kbps D

6.4 D------1.84 U

Performance Toast
1.8 to 7.4 D


3.2 to 19.5 D to various cities
2.0 to 2.5 U to the same cities