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Aug 10, 2010, 02:39 PM
Hello PSU 360 community! I am finally starting PSU 360.

I use to play as a Beast Guntecher on PC/PS2, named Suno Takamori, untill they killed the server.
(if any old pc/ps2 players remember me or anything give a shout out if your playing 360!)

Everyone else nice to meet you and I hope we can fight together too.

Also, i was wondering what do people think is currently the most over-powered and under-powered job in the game right now?

I am making a cast this time around, but not too sure on the job yet.

Aug 10, 2010, 06:19 PM
Go for a gunner!

STaR PhuZioN
Aug 10, 2010, 07:24 PM
I personally like to switch between gunmaster and fighmaster so I would recommend that, if you have the patience to play egg thieves and level the required classes.

Aug 10, 2010, 08:07 PM
Since you had a Guntecher (More like FUNtecher, amirite?) before, you probably know enough about how the game was back then.

Recently, a bunch of classes got upgrades, and the GAS customisation has been made available. Humans are the most customisable, then newmans, then beasts, then CASTs.

If you're set on a CAST, be aware that your customisation is limited, but you still have the SUV, the most powerful and useful special ability. Right now, we have a severely cut Paradi Cataract, and the new Hegel Burst (sweeping gatling) and Rafal Burst (concentrated gatling) S-ranks. For master classes (of which Fighmaster and Gunmaster are best for a CAST), there are few customisation options anyway, which reduces the CAST's disadvantage in that field.

As for the hybrid classes, all of them got a boost (including Fighgunner, boo). Wartecher and Protranser now have a 160% attack aptitude at type level 20 (up from around 130%), and Guntecher has a 150% (up from like 118%). Unfortunately, though these are both better than Fighgunner used to be (yay!) they boosted Fighgunner even higher than this (Dastardly!) just so we're 100% sure what SEGA's favourite class is and always will be. Oh, and as of now, Protranser is the only "hybrid" to not have a double saber, WT and GT got A-ranks.

Having played most types on my CAST (circa lv170), I can say that I prefer Protranser by far for its versatility and the ease with which the SUV builds using EX traps. After that, the melee classes interest me more than the pure gunners; who wants to press X all day when you can press Y instead? :D

Seriously though, any job a CAST wants to do, it can do with great competence, with the exceptions of Fortetecher and Masterforce, neither of which have good damage output with the CAST's low TP. Other than that, though, CASTs are very much a pick up and play race, who excel in any role that deals physical damage, be it melee or bullet based.

Beauty of PSU is that you're never tied to a single class, every job is potentially available to any character. Bored of crossbows? Spam some whips!

Lastly, I've recently made a couple of lowbie friends, if you wanted to tag along while we casually level up, my GT is The Astarion (main account) and Spoolerdoing (alt account).

Aug 10, 2010, 08:33 PM
Cool thanks for all the info ^^.
I am still stuck on my class tho, i am making a character right now.
I either want to be a Cast FM GM or PT,
or a Newman MF
(maybe human if the upgrade stuff is better for them than newman)

Do these new GAS upgrades really help balance against the power of SUV?
or is it still pretty much all cast speed run stuff?

Aug 11, 2010, 11:26 AM
It's still Mandroid Wins. Even nerfed, Paradi is still better than Nanoblast by far, it's just not quite "Paradicide three times per block" like it used to be. The most relevant customisations are PA level caps (Humans get 20 increases between their weapons, Newmans get 15, CASTs and Beasts get 10, each upgrade is worth +2 to that weapon's max level) and ATP boost ( plus... 30 per level? Max is 5 for anyone, so whatever race/class will have the same difference between another given race/class when both are pimped out).

Human's customisability is all about having more options open, which lends itself well to classes like Guntecher, who have a tremendous array of available equips with decent bullets to match, upgradable further by GAS. The difference between human with a stat boost for a favoured (hybrid/acro) class and a CAST doing the same job is already minimal for the most part. Human Guntecher is going to be one of the most versatile swiss army knife classes.

You could argue, though, who needs a swiss army knife when you can have a proverbial broadsword and AK-47 on your team.

CAST FM & GM take a while to unlock, but it's not impossible to have both available. PT is easy as hell to unlock, and once you get past level 7 or so it becomes very very good. I have a 118 Beast with both available, Gunmaster and Protranser at respectable levels, and basically a complete lack of focus when it comes to choosing a class for endgame.

You do have four character slots, so there's nothing stopping you having a specific character for each role :) Nothing wrong with having a Masterforce; females get tech weapons and armour faster, males get striking weapons and guns (neither are for MF!) faster, so having a cute little space elf space black mage as an alt is a pretty sweet option.

Thing about GAS... it's more something to do when you hit max level than an attempt at true balancing. Though with enough work, you can make a CLASS good, not to mention a race/class combo. Prime example is the now-forsaken Fortegunner, which with ten PA levelups can get rifles, twinguns, crossbow, pistol, shotgun, laser, grenade and machinegun to 42 each, and spear to 22 to get the third move combo... and have an upgrade left over at your discretion. Add to these its recent ATP boost and the 3% CAST bonus, and you have a killing machine that takes things down in one shotgun blast, which is faster than doing a second blast, even with gunmaster's speed boost.

As for Newman, Masterforce is the "best" but people see Wartecher as an annoying but necessary chore. Acrotecher is a nice alternative, pimped out with GAS they can have level 40 spells, which are 50% in element, and still have access to the S-rank mags, as well as some melee/gunnery options. MF is streamlined into pure offensive teching though, and has mucm more in the way of GAS to be used on their "limit break" skills, mostly for Foie and Diga

Aug 11, 2010, 12:45 PM
If I was making a brand new CAST right now, I would either go FighMaster, AND fortegunner.

Fortegunner requires the fewest customizations to be awesome (rifle+, shotgun+ and spear+), and CAST ATA + Axe + traps + SUV = crazy delicous

Everyone wants CASTs in thier party. it used to be everyone wanted CASTs and Beasts, but the invention of FM pretty much ended that. Skills do more damage than poerbeast could ever hope to. And Invulnerability Beast...well, it does not last long enough to make the lower damage output worth it.

Aug 11, 2010, 01:26 PM
I decided to go with the Cast GM!
I will probably play some PT later if i need a melee fix. That way I can still use shotguns too.

Thanks for the help with my choice guys! You were very helpful.

My cast's name is Takamori if you see me in game gimme a shout!
My gamer tag is AlanFrankieRose anyone feel free to add me.