View Full Version : For Sale (none broken) & Looking For

Nov 26, 2010, 05:51 AM
I have the following for sale:
shigga pukuda (6/10)-20mil
shigga pukuda (7/10)-30mil
shigga pukuda (8/10) - 40mil

Crimson Line - 50%dark - 56mil
Crimson Line- 50%light - 36mil

I also have a collectors weapon called Twin Snowy Claw (0/10) - 27%Lightning. Ill let it go for 25Mil (if you search for them search. "snowy".

I am curently looking for Shigga Pakudacs (10/10) and I am willing to trade items above plus meseta for one.

Contact me anytime in game or xbox live.

Gammer Tag is : ZO Error (O not a 0)
Yahoo mail : [email protected] (0 not O)

Or just reply here :)