View Full Version : The French' Freebox Server! :-o Do you use your's this for PSO!?

Apr 17, 2011, 07:44 PM
Hello, im' Playermaniac!
A verry old gamer, i play on PSO Version 2 on my Dreamcast European and the inconvénient is… The 56k FLEX MODEM of the dead! ^^; :dead:
Because on total dégroup' of my phoneline, the type of modem is not viable!
:grr: and i désespérate of seach a broadband adaptator HBH Europe for my Dreamcast!
I receipt recently my new Freebox Révolution (designed by S†ark!), and surprise… a mysterious adapdtator (Modem 56k to ? --> "Phone ADSL 2+ MODEM BOX <--> Éthernet") !!! :-o:-o
I dont try today, because scarred… when and if my DSLam shutdown or black-out!!!? Help. I need a one personne when a try this... for the experience.
And i have a GameCube whit the broadband adaptator, ist' not free! Pay à licence hunter for playing… and next!? Blackout of the service of Licence! (And the servers!) :dead::dead::dead:
I have a PSToo and PSUniverse… PAN! Licence pay for play! :grr:
Here, in france… The F.A.I. "Illiad-Free™" provide' a Freebox "SERVER"!!!

Yes!!! You can be read this word --> SERVER!!!

And my whish is use this for build a private accœil server for all the old's and new (when being the service of the épisode's is blackout's.) of Phantasy Star online and Dreamcast include if possible. Please council and help me to worck principally on the  Mac OS X (Intel 64 Bits). And if you talk in french... tell me on Skype™!

PS: The *Mod edit* private server is down... For What? I dont' know…

Seth Astra
Apr 17, 2011, 07:48 PM
2 Points:

1. We are not aloud to talk about private servers other than saying that such things exist (no names or such)

2. The Phantasy Star Online 2 section is for the upcoming sequel, rather than for PSO DC V.2

Either way, welcome to PSOW.

Apr 17, 2011, 08:15 PM
13. Private Servers
Do not post links to, name, or provide instructions for accessing websites that promote/host unofficial game servers. This policy applies to all games.

If you have questions regarding how to connect to the private server, ask on their server forums or on an instant messenger. We cannot discuss these things here.