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Jul 19, 2011, 01:00 AM
Hope to see all my old friends again ;)

Jul 19, 2011, 01:24 AM
i had a dream that i met this really hot chick at the store, got her number, and then hung out with her and got to really like her!

More importantly than how pissed i was when i woke up, i wondered how the hell so many days can pass by in a mere 8 hours of sleep.

Crazy, eh?

Jul 19, 2011, 01:25 AM
Wrong forum area much? >.>

But hi.


Jul 19, 2011, 01:32 AM
Best place to be, Didnt feel like posting this on dead forum space such as the Psu area ;)

Jul 19, 2011, 01:33 AM
Uhm, no, the Lounge would have been the best place.


Jul 19, 2011, 01:34 AM
This is actually an interesting speculation.
More than just WHAT will they do in pso2 but WHO will it bring back?
The community is a part of the game, current & long past.

I would imagine (well depending) that a lot of people on here=this forum, have a whole lot of old friends/aquaintances that they met ONLY through the game & didn't know anywhere else. How many of these people stayed in contact...or dropped off?

I've had a lot of people who I knew in CARD, PSOs, & even PSU who vanished once the games were gone and I never saw again. In some cases they got eaten by things such as WoW (notorious for eating your friends) but in others they were just gone. I consider it rather a shame, however I'll bet other people have had this happen too.

Plus, what about "old names" on this forum?
Do you expect people from the past to re-show-up even if they've been gone from here a long time? (I mean even if you don't recognize the ppl, your joindate is always exposed) Not that it super matters in any way, everyone here is basically cool, but it would be an interesting phenomenon to watch if it either does or doesn't happen.

PSOW will become more popular/more new people for sure as pso2 is publicized in the USA...I mean that big joint NEOGaf pitched a fit at the news--so the diehards who remember dreamcast are still out there, and will likely go looking for a forum once the thing becomes more relevent.

So what's your opinion?
Do you think you'll see some old faces? Is that a good or bad thing?

Signifigant quote:
"PSO2 Announced."
"Those are the words I've been waiting ONE THIRD of my life to hear."

Jul 19, 2011, 01:40 AM
Thats pretty much what I did I heard pso2 and I scrambled to get my username an pw just so I can post xD

Jul 19, 2011, 02:03 AM
Feel free to join if you fit the criteria ;)


Jul 19, 2011, 02:05 AM
BTW, Ecch, your sig pic's a little too big.


Jul 19, 2011, 02:07 AM

Jul 19, 2011, 02:23 AM
You're going to have to tone it down, Ecch. There's a rule somewhere about sig size.


Jul 19, 2011, 02:34 AM
The maximum size of your custom image is 600 by 180 pixels or 34.2 KB (whichever is smaller) its less then 34.2

Jul 19, 2011, 05:50 AM
ugh, is this a joke? Your signature is way too tall. The maximum allowed is 180 pixels in height. It's not either dimensions or byte size. I can't believe that had to be explained.

Also it's 180 pixels and one line of text, you have three.