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Jan 20, 2012, 06:04 AM
****Credit Goes to Espio for Translating*****


Operation Urban Defense
* The following panel rewards earned during the event will be available from January 26 through February 16 (three weeks).
- Megaholy fortune for all races
- Weapon/armor synth success rates +20%
- Weapon grinding success rates +10%
- Daily stamps x3
* Special tickets will be distributed to the common boxes of event participants to trade in for the three event weapons. (One ticket for each weapon. If you have a character on both entrances who participated in at least 80% of an event mission run, then you will get another set of tickets for that entrance.) These must be collected from your common box by the end of the day, March 31, 2012, JST.
- Blaster: Ticket
- Balmura: Ticket
- Diadd: Ticket
* Trade these tickets in at Reward Trading Post to obtain your weapons. In the case of Arza Diadd, you can select your attribute (however, neutral is not an option).

Online Game Ranking 2011 reward (part 3)
* The third part of the rewards earned by AOTI being ranked third place overall in the "Online Game Ranking 2011" competition will be distributed via common box. This item must be collected from your box by February 9, 2012, or it will disappear.
* Drop Boost +100% x1 (one per entrance)

GBR: G. Colony Drop Boost 4
* This GBR will include the following missions from January 26 through February 16, 2012:
- Rising Malice (LL Transfer Terminal to Aurorey Viewing Plaza)
- Fantastic Voyage (Falz Memoria to Nanotrance Vortex)
- Unsafe Passage (Clyez City 4F to Linear Line Platform)

New G. Colony free missions
* Rising Malice C-S3: The orbit of a man-made satellite contaminated by the SEED has changed and is heading straight for the Linear Line Transfer Terminal! An exterior assault has no effect, so it must be stopped from the inside. Board the satellite and take it down!
* Fantastic Voyage C-S3: During an investigation of Falz Memoria, Dark Falz's memories created a new spatial distortion which features a ship that appears to have been built at the same time as Rykros. Investigate as much of the ship as you can and then make your escape!

Updated missions
* Unsafe Passage will be updated and difficulty S3 will be added.
* Reward Trading Post (RSD, Clyez City 3F) will be updated to accept the new event weapon tickets. All three weapons are S grade, however you can trade that version in for an A grade version with the same visual model. Please remember that once you downgrade a weapon to A, you cannot revert it to S.

Item updates
* New items will be added including Brandish (twin dagger) and Shooting Drive (grenade).
* Burst Impact, a new CAST SUV weapon will be added.
* Casino rotation.


Jan 20, 2012, 06:39 AM
Haha. Crap. I totally forgot to do the event on E-2. Well, at least I get one. So it won't be that bad, I suppose.

Jan 20, 2012, 07:09 AM
This is why I'm on this server! 2 awesome claws, wands to back 'em up, a grinding boost to break 'em all, and a Wartecher class to wield them all that's not absolute trash. And a GBR full of two new missions to rock out in.

Xbox was never this cool. And it's not even a real event!