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May 7, 2012, 08:42 AM
In the History of Alisa Landale after she Leave's Capto to go help Angol. We don't hear from her again or is it write or told that she made it make to Angol. Now with PSO2 we now have the possibility of everything being Tri-dimensional and the theory is that if Alisa went back to the planet's but they where the 3 planet's in PSO2 (PSO's dimension and not the 3 in Angol's dimension) and of course would go see the Governor on Movtia. But when she realized no one was there sent up base with her Robot Army to protect the site to be ready for the up coming Danger. Now this is possible at the moment Lillipa being the way it is and all the Robot looking soldier's and why ruin's are so old. that the robot's don't recognize the ARK's and mistaking them for Invader's. This possibly can be what it is until Sega say's otherwise in the story. Thought's?