View Full Version : Item JP Wiki's List of Weapons

Jul 3, 2012, 10:40 PM
There's probably a thread hanging around here somewhere about this, but this is just in case there isn't. Since we've had the day off I decided to search the wiki for any information I could about the different weapons and their locations. Please note that all this information comes from the Japanese wiki, and the only thing I provided was the basic monster translations and such. Also if anyone has any corrections, I'm more than willing to accept them ^^;

Seems to be a tad big for le sight ^^; (http://www.scribd.com/doc/99060960/PSO2-Weapons-List-Doc)

Also, I'm curious as to the identity of the Gau~onda creature. I'm assuming that Garufuru is the Tiger like creature, so any insight would be appreciated. I'm withholding from updating those two names in English until I'm 100% certain what they are, as I'd hate to have you all farming the wrong creatures ^^; (EDIT: This has been solved. The Gau~onda creature is a Golem type creature in the Tundra, and Garufuru is the Wolf creature. Editing the guide to reflect this now)

P.S--The wiki makes no mention to any indication of difficulty for: Blazers Edge, Fire Arms, or Parri Rumeria at this time. Anything you can contribute would be most welcome.