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Jul 16, 2012, 03:07 AM

Up for trade:

女性追加ボイス03 Additional Female Voice 03 by Yoshiko Sakakibara
男性C追加ボイス03 Additional Male Cast Voice 03 by Yōsuke Akimoto
男性C追加ボイス07 Additional Male Cast Voice 07 by Ryōhei Kimura
ロニア・アームCV (Cast legs)

This is my preferred list:

1.)追加ロビーアクション19 Additional Lobby Action 19 Drunkard
2.)追加ロビーアクション26 Additional Lobby Action 26 Dance 3

(The lower the number, the higher the priority)

A gunblade. Some good weps/armor. (I'm level 23 and my mag is level 40 with 38 pts in Strike) These are also some things I'd like if possible. You can post interest but please present what you can offer. If someone presents that they can give me something from the priority list, they will take priority.

If I don't get anything within a few days I might just put these up for sale.