View Full Version : Read This: PSO2 forum rules (Updated 3/2014)

Apr 19, 2012, 11:07 PM
Before posting, be sure to review the Forum Rules (http://www.pso-world.com/forums/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_faq#faq_forumrules) as well as PSO2 General specific rules-

1. Posting links to any form of client modification (e.g., "English patch," etc) is not allowed here. Asking for and/or exchanging the information via the PM system is also prohibited.

2. Asking and/or begging for accounts here is prohibited. Account sharing/giving away is not allowed either.

3. If you want to show off your PSO2 stream (Twitch or otherwise), do not post a separate thread for it. Post it within the current screenshot & movie thread.

If there is any question as to why these two things are forbidden, it's because they both fall under the risky game of legality issues. PSO-World does not officially support such actions, as stated in the rules here.

Mar 17, 2013, 04:30 PM
I am only going to say this once. If you have a problem with what someone to you or to anyone else; before you go and try to defend yourself/themselves (or take the bait in most cases.)

Ignore the post, send a report ticket and let a moderator handle it. Resume original thread's purpose.

Do not reply back to them in a tiff, return insults with insults.
Do not reply as a defender for so and so if they're being "targeted."
Do not reply with dumb things such as "mod please lock. in b4 lock" or any sort of encouragement to the already bad behavior at hand.

Also, if you have a problem with someone's post and want to reply to it in an argumentative case that is fine however, please remain civil about it. There is no need to be insulting and or down right bashing on another user if their opinions are not the same as yours. We're all civil well stood individuals who just want to play the game and enjoy it with others. Or want to just talk with others in many different topics the forums offer.

The mods, admins, owners will situate and handle any problem that comes our way. For those who have been using the warning systems we thank you; however in the future any failure to follow these simple guidelines (which is essentially the tl;dr of the Forum rules (http://www.pso-world.com/forums/faq.php)) will result in warnings, infractions and suspensions.

If there is any questions about this please feel free to send me or any other staff a message and we'll be happy to assist you through it.
Thank you for your time.