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Mar 6, 2001, 03:52 PM
This really should be in the cheaters section but a lot more people scan this group.
Mind you everyone this is all just IMO and I don't intend to offend or piss off (unless you are a lazy lame ass cheater then you can kiss my butt)

I have three charaters which I'm sure a lot of lower lvl people know by now.
Dot matrix lvl 41, Oni lvl 50, and Karla (The Grey Witch) lvl 49..
All of which I spent almost a month working hard and on some weekends,when I'm not watching the clock, pulling an all nighter.
I'm proud of these charaters. I'm here in the States and the game has only been out what a little over a month?
I know making lvl 100 is not that hard if you really power game.. But I like to make it last as long as I can.
I show up in normal games a lot and help low lvls by taking them to ruins or passing out items I don't need that I how found.
I choise the rooms I enter by the type of names that people name their charaters.. It tells something about them.. but I've known a lot of good people with really weird names..
I've work very hard and enjoyed this game a lot. everyone on my card lists are good friends.
Now what really pevs me is I hear people chatting away abotu they can dupe this or dupe that, they know how to hack this and hack that.. that's fine you do that but stay out of my games.
I walked into a room one day to trade an items as the game room suggested for trades.
Lo and behold I see the shop area near bank filled with 999,999 meseta all over the place.
???? so I stand there and watch, theres a guy that just drops them over and over.
Now I know this is wrong but I put a good spin on it grabed two on each charater and then spent the day passing it all out to low lvls. I kept just enough to buy myself spells.
Making meseta in vh is easy.. I collect all the items I can (sharing of coruse I'm not greedy)
and sell them in shops, I make a good 50k each run..
I have rares that hig lvlers have given me I don't know if they are duped or not.. to my best I think they are all legit... if ever I find that one or any items I have are duped I toss them and start over looking.
I know all the cheats and tricks to duping a friend has shown me. I am guilty of duping fluids once just too see if I could do it and if it worked..But that's the only time.
I don't have aproblem with duping say money, fluids, mates but beyound that grrr I don't like it. The rares are not called rares for nothing they are the things that make this game fun ... you spend time looking sometimes you may not find it.. but if you do it's like really coool and you want to show it off. You earned it.
I know this is a long rant but I have so much I want to rant about and not a lot of space gomenasai everyone.. flame me if you like prase me I don't care this is just the way I like to have funin the game.. if you are a cheater get out of my room.. if you are a duper you can stay but please no duping in my game.. that goes for all the rude dumbass jerk offs out there too.. I can't tell how many times I've had people hitting on my female charaters, if you want to date go to a bar or hangout and meet people in rl. For all those cyder sex freaks out there eck this is not IRC make your own room and see who joins you freaks. all this is the reason I mostly do private games.. it's a shame a good game has to be ruined by jerks and lazy slobs.

If you see me online drop me a line flame me or whatever I mostly play on Areil and can always be found there.