View Full Version : IceHeart Return to trading list

Apr 7, 2003, 04:30 PM
This is my fabulous list of what I have that you want, don't be scared that its big theres good stuff inside!

Wants at bottom so read carefully!!

Foie-lvl 15(2), lvl 27(1)
Gifoie-lvl 20(1), lvl 25(1), lvl 28(1)
Rafoie-lvl 15(1), lvl 27(1)
Zonde-lvl 15(4), lvl 20(1), lvl 26(1), lvl 28(1)
Gizonde-lvl 15(2), lvl 20(1), lvl 21(1)
Razonde-lvl 15(2), lvl 24(1)
Barta-lvl 15(1), lvl 20(1), lvl 21(1), lvl 22(1)
Gibarta-lvl 15(2), lvl 24(1)
Rabarta-lvl 15(3), lvl 22(1)

Resta-lvl 15(3), lvl 22(1), lvl 26(1)
Shifta-lvl 22(1)
Deband-lvl 15(1)
Jellen-lvl 21(1), lvl 23(1)
Zalure-lvl 15(1), lvl 20(1)

Grants-lvl 15(1), lvl 17(1)
Megid-lvl 15(2), lvl 17(1)

Club of Laconium, Mace of Adaman, Brave Hammer,
Ice Staff:Dagon, Storm Wand: Indra, Elysion,
Mahu(2), Hildebear heads(3), Rappy's Wings(2)

magic rock "Moola"

Monogrinder(7), Digrinder(10), Trigrinder(2)
Pow mat(7), Mind mat(5), Evade mat(17), Def mat(37),
Luck mat(5)

Resta-lvl 20(1)
Pow mat, Mind mat(3), Def mat, Luck mat
DB's Saber, Kalabolg(4), Durandal, Dragon Slayer,
Blade Dance(2), Cross Scar, Brionic(3), VJaya(4),
Gae bolg(5), Diska of Liberator, Diska of Braveman,
Custon Ray ver.00, Silence Claw(3), Stag Cutlery+30,
Angry Fist, Musashi+40, Yamoto+60,


Sange, Flowen's Sword, G-assasins sabers,
G-assasins sabers+25, Rappy Fan,
Shield of Delsaber, Boomas right arm, Hildebear cane,
Guilty Light(2), Club of Zumuiran, Battle Verge(2),
Mahu, DF Field, Gaurd Wave,
Dragon Frame, Dragon HP(4)

Zonde-lvl 15(1)
Razonde-lvl 15(2)
Barta-lvl 20(1)
Gibarta-lvl 15(1)
Resta-lvl 20(1)
Amp of Resta(2), Amp of Foie, Amp of Rafoie,
Amp of Zonde(2), Amp of Barta, Amp of Gibarta,
Amp of Shifta

M&A 60 vice(3), Crush Bullet(3), Photon Claw,
Meteor Smash+25, Spreed Needle+40,
Inferno Bazooka, RED HANDGUN, Guilty Light,
Guilty Light+8, Nug 2000-Bazooka+32,
Gi Gue Bazooka, Talis,

Stand Still Shield, Rico's glasses, SECURE FEET,
Boomas right arm,
Razonde-lvl 25(1)
Amp of Foie

ALL I WANT is LEVEL 30 TECHS, God units, HP mats, or just make your best offer! TY for reading!

...Congrats on reaching the bottom!