View Full Version : Support Partner Spontaneously Resets? Caution

Aug 19, 2013, 01:21 AM
The support partner / PM isn't supposed to spontaneously reset, is it?
Cause mine just did.

I have spent weeks carefully cultivating it!
Talking it after each search, sending it on multiple searches each day, & bringing it with me on CO quests that always get "S rank" so that it will become happy & do more quests at once. It was working great. I had it up to "loving face" and it would do 8 orders! It asked for a personality a while back so I picked "pure" from the guide. I gave it a bunch of rare gear to use & it would succeeded at almost every order. All was well.

But then...
I took it on a daily spargun-getting run, blundered into an area that had 3 of those traps where 1 doesn't go off or spring out till ALL of them will go at once and died (full health to dead in 1 hit, since it was all 3 traps) , continued the mission anyway after going up to the ship (it was SO close to being done) and got an A.

Then, to my shock when I went to send it out again......it's reset!
It's back to "Nervous" and will only take 3 orders!
I rushed out to do Subdue Oodan & Fangulf to rack up 2 more s-ranks....but it's no good. It's stuck on "nervous" now. I have no idea what's going on. I've gotten "A" with it before and it never reset.

I did not take it to the salon.
I did not refuse it a personality change.
I did not reset it in the salon.
It did not die on the mission.
I never refused to moon atomize it on any previous mission where it died.
I didn't fail a code where I had to help it vs enemies
I did not send it away from the console, ever.
It's the same LEVEL...just reset to 'nervous'. (lvl 42 or so)
It did not fail a mass of orders /always got A or S when sent out

What's going on?
How can YOU prevent this from happening to your one?
Has anyone elses' PM been hit by this resetting of liking-you-level?

The only thing I can think to do is don't take it with you unless you're sure you can get S, and if you die and know you'll get A, dismiss it from the party or something. I have no idea what triggered it but I'm real aggravated.