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Daemon Gildas
May 5, 2014, 01:42 PM
I've been looking at guides, but I can't really find any concrete answers, so I thought I'd just start a new thread. In no particular order:

- I'm leveling a pure Striking MAG, but I read somewhere that you can purposely avoid evolving your MAG. Is there some benefit to this? I'm not concerned about appearance, purely making the best possible MAG I can (I'm hoping to get a MAG kit to change his appearance later on, anyways).

- I see that MAGs can have various abilities. Can you change them out freely, or are the locked-in permanently? Can they be overwritten later on? How important a role do these MAG abilities play, and are there any that have a chance to revive you?

- Can you trade MAGs between your own characters? I was planning on starting a separate Force character at some point, both to have a Female character and to save a bit of space, but seeing as I'm already fairly committed to my current character, I wonder if I'm better off just putting absolutely everything on the one character I figure I'll play the most, even if it's mostly as a Striking-character?

- If you give your MAG an item to change its appearance, will it "evolve back" when you level it up further? For that matter, if you change its appearance with an item, can you use another item to change its appearance yet again later on? And if so, I assume you lose both items?

- When a MAG raises your Striking stat (or any other), does it allow you to equip items sooner? Or is that still largely dictated by Class-level? I'm currently play as a Braver, but eventually I thought I might try my luck as a Hunter or Fighter, so would the MAG give me a significant advantage starting out, or not so much?

- What is the max level for a Mag?

Sorry for bombarding you guys with so many questions, I just want to make sure I'm careful about everything. This game doesn't seem super forgiving if you make a mistake, unless you're willing to spend money :D

May 5, 2014, 02:42 PM
-The only way to skip an evolution is to feed it an item that will cause it to gain more than 1 level at a time. I'm pretty sure after a certain level that isn't possible anymore.
-You can feed a mag devices to give it new abilities, but I'm really not sure if they can be changed once they're set. Photon blasts can be changed with devices from the excube shop.
-Mags are character locked. If you create a new character, they'll get their own mag.
-I believe mags CAN change appearance even after using an evolution device (or so I've read), so I think it's best to use it once it's hit the final evolution stage.
-Yes, mag stats help you equip items faster.
-Max level is currently 175.

May 5, 2014, 02:49 PM
you change MAG appearance anytime now, you just need a new MAG device and a MAG changing pass.

May 5, 2014, 02:50 PM
you do need to level your mag to 100 first tho

May 5, 2014, 05:28 PM
-You can feed a mag devices to give it new abilities, but I'm really not sure if they can be changed once they're set.

They can be overwritten anytime by new abilities

May 5, 2014, 05:36 PM
1. No, you cannot avoid your mag evolving. Benefits of it evolving is the PB getting upgraded along with the mag specific skill tied to the mag type.

2.Yes, there are specific items for mag skills. All can be found at the photon drop shop but some mag skills can only be obtained depending on its lv. 100 mag type version.

3.No, you cannot trade mags. You can only trade the mag evolution device but if used then you can't trade it back.

4.Back then you couldn't change your mag appearance with the previous looks but now you can but you need a mag appearance change ticket which can be found at the recycle shop.

5.Yes, mags raise your base stats. So in theory, you can equip certain gears at an earlier level.

6. The max level for mags as of now is level 175.