View Full Version : How to get PSO2 for Android in US?

Jun 3, 2014, 05:45 PM
Not sure if this is the right section for this, but i was wondering if there are any guides or some sort of way of getting PSO2es. i try to get it from googleplay but cant get it from the US. That is all.

Jun 3, 2014, 06:16 PM
As far as I know, Pso2es is only available on the Japanese playstore.

You will have to download the apk from the link below


Jun 4, 2014, 05:25 PM
Also, when you do so make sure you enable downloads/updates from unknown sources or you'll keep getting errors when trying to download or update.

Jun 4, 2014, 11:36 PM
You can download the PSO2es Tweaker for the english patch here: