View Full Version : EP3 Tech Changes

Aug 27, 2014, 01:03 AM
A few things I find:

You still cannot move when charging Ilfoie .

And you can still ignite other's Zondeel

Power of Ilmegid seems to be 320 per hit.

Multi 3 Razan Power seems to be around 900. However, it's a bit tricky sometimes to get all the 5 hits. Multi Nagrant and Rabarta get their power increased respectively.

Basically all tech craft works the same. So Namegid in fact gets buffed

Deep Darkness 3 Megid is basically EP3 Ilmegid with smaller AOE but less PP cost

Ragrant hit like a horse. Concentrated Ragrants charges really fast.
Multi 3 Nagrant hits hard two, and 20PP means it's really spammable.

Ilbarta hits less hard yes. But for a force mastering Ice alone, the power does not decrease THAT MUCH.

Aug 27, 2014, 03:39 AM
So the crafting power changes still provide the same fixed amount, meaning a different percentage change? That's really interesting. I remember there was a tech crafting guide here before that showed all the % changes for the recipes. I'd appreciate it if anyone could put together a list showing the old and new % changes.