View Full Version : any updated Ra/Hu (89/89) build?

May 12, 2016, 06:27 PM
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Evangelion X.XX
May 12, 2016, 08:34 PM
Basic RaHu skill tree with some SP's unused on Ra side depending on your own individual playstyle, and I really mean indvidual playstyle:

http://arks-layer.com/skillsim/skillcalc.php?11fbxIobxIobxIobxIobxIobxIobxIobxIob xIo0jdodBIbl2lNGAqntKJksNI20000006doIn0000000jdobo IbIdboiocAixJIdxdA00000fdo0000000Io00000000ioIn000 00000IbIo0000000jdoIb0000000lo000000j
On Ra Skill Tree:

-Some people use Upper Trap (for Hot-Well Boss and to gain back PP), some think it's a waste of SP; easier/faster to just toss grenades to regain back PP.
-Some people like killing bonus, others think it's not necessary since you can just toss grenades to regain back PP; others may prefer to support the MPA from behind, so they're out of range to gain back PP.
-Some like power bullet (especially if you're running TAs or whatever for that +100 Atk in the first 30 seconds), others think its unnecessary, especially if you're just a wb slave, or hanging on to those loaded WBs while using Launcher, etc.
-First Hit, not so useful in MPA settings (or Boss EQs), useful perhaps for TAs or if you solo XH/UQ a lot (SH doesn't matter, enemies are extremely weak).
-Weak Hit Blast Bonus is niche; some like it so they can quickly build up Julius Nifta for MPA support, particularly in Lilipa UQ or PSE Bursts, others think SPs are better spent elsewhere.
-Jellen Shot is totally unnecessary and a waste of SPs.
-Some people like Moving Snipe (e.g. for One-Point), others opt for just proc-ing Standing Snipe instead.
-PP Save Bullet... some people like it, others don't.
-Bind Bullet, Mirage Shot, Panic Shot.... all useless skills to be avoided.

Honestly, Ra side of the skill tree really depends on your individual playstyle; are you the type of guy who backs-up/support everyone from behind, or are you the type who valiantly charges forward gun-blazing into the midst of battle. Do you solo a lot, or are you usually playing with others?

On Hunter Side, there's quite a bit of freedom for SP placement, but I think its best to just put points in to the flash guards; RaHu is more or less a tank, and you will hardly die to attacks so no iron will is needed or anything. And also perhaps if you so desire, you could put a single point into War Cry.

May 13, 2016, 09:10 AM
thank you!