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Feb 12, 2001, 08:50 PM
warlock writes, "You need: internet connection, LATEST webrowser (w/email), your VMU with PSO character After playing many hours you begin to think of how terrible it would be to loose your masterpiece. There will be no more worries after I tell you this ingenious way to save your PSO character. After playing with a PSO friend(Kaiya) I heard him tell me how to save a character by email. He never tried it himself in fear of losing a character. After that, I started a new RAmar to test out this. I worked my way real quick to level 3. After I used my Demo GD-ROM from Online Dreamcast Magazine(ODCM) [January 2001 Edition]. I went to email and selected "New". If you look near the toolbars you will see attachment. All you need to do is attach the email to your new letter and then send it to yourself. After that if your save corrupts you can just download the old save. If you plan to do this, I reccomend testing it out on a new lower level character. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for any questions/comments you have."
This is one of the few times, hotmail rocks. :)

Feb 19, 2001, 09:30 AM
I wanted the easiest way to backup my PSO character. I have a level 47 Force named "Valwyn" and you and I know that Force characters are probably the hardest to level up when, especially offline. You tend to die quite often (very low DFP). I would hate to get a corrupted file and lose everything. Anyway I went for it and followed the instructions above using Web Browser 2.0 and emailed the 2 PSO VMU files to myself. Next, I swapped out that VMU with another. I used a Sega 4X memory card and uploaded the 2 files onto it. I'm pretty sure another regular VMU would work also. Finally, popped in the PSO disc with the 4X card and "Bingo" I was able to play and save with my same character on another VMU. With the 4X I can have 2 separate characters both backed-up.
Thanks Again,