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Mar 19, 2001, 02:38 AM
Kaira writes, "To everyone out there who hasn't heard, I'm hosting a tournament for PSO. The site is up, so goto O.S.U.P.T. (http://saiyanx2k.tripod.com) for more information on it. I hope to see you all there.
P.S. Help is needed so if you aren't interested in playing but still want to be part of the tournament please goto the "Join Staff" page on the site."

Mar 19, 2001, 05:31 AM
Sounds like my web site that has been up for a while! Rules and all!

Mar 19, 2001, 07:40 AM
What site? I didn't copy anything if that's what you're insinuating. I haven't seen anyone else try starting a tournament either. Just sounds like you're bashing my site so people won't go to it. >_>

Mar 19, 2001, 09:55 AM
Well I personally think the idea doesnt make much sense..I mean PSO isnt a competitive game.
Maybe w/ the Version 2 battle mode but still the rules for that will be already be set and you pretty much just play for a prize.
Who knows maybe your tournament will be fun once I play it....

Mar 19, 2001, 01:03 PM
tournement ? in PSO ? sounds fun i will get training and make a team

Mar 19, 2001, 05:43 PM
My response is in reference to the "No-No's" section of the tournament rules (4. No instant death techniques or weapons without permission of other players). First of all, who are the "other players"? Do you mean the other players in the WHOLE tourney, or your team, or what? My character is a level 61 Force. All of my items have been fought-for and found throughout the course of laborious hours of on/offline play. After quite a while (almost 200 hours of gametime), I still don't have very good items/weapons, except for a mag which was given to me by a friend. Even if I did, my utilization of them would be FAR below par of the average hunter that I've seen. I'd say my most useful weapon is the technique--Megid, level 14. This is where I feel a bit perturbed. By the non-admittance of the 'bread-and-butter' of my offense, you are greatly limiting my desired character's role as an active attacking participant to more of a support-role. That said, I'd like to state that level 14 Megid has an effective rate of kill (for me at least) of approximately 50%.... and I even have over 600 MST!!! Sometimes it will kill in the first blast, but other times I need to use it (at over 30 TP each time) four or five times just to kill one Booma!!! So even my most effective technique... rather, my best offensive weapon, isn't as effective as one might think. But without it, I'd have to rely on my Varista (with poor ATP/ATA) and other techniques that again, pigeon-hole my character into more of a support role. I don't mind supporting my fellow teammates in normal play, but what happens if one of your tourneys is voted as solo-mode...? Without my "instant death" technique, how am I to compete with most other Hunters/Rangers at my level that -- with Double Sabers, Inferno Bazookas, and the like -- can take out large groups of monsters in the blink of an eye? I think I would enjoy playing in your tourney, but please consider my position.... thx!

Mar 19, 2001, 09:20 PM
Thanks very much for your opinion I'll take that rule out.

Mar 20, 2001, 05:04 PM
Thanks Kaira! I appreciate your consideration of my statement!! I will definitely try to get my character's tiny FOnewearl derriere into that tourney!