View Full Version : Been out of the trading loop recently... looking for some n

May 4, 2003, 08:18 PM
Ok, the people who know me know that I try to help people out when I can.. so I am hoping I can get some of the same kindness returned to me.

I am looking for some mechs better than the GM with 30% to Mines, or some new Red Mechs better than 15/0/0/45/30 or something...
I would be interested in some uber % Red Handguns too...

I am also looking for Level 30 techs... notably Gizonde 30.. plus the others that I had at one time.

Also in the market for a Mag with stats of around 5/150/45/0 or so... I might have one already so I'll have to look.

Looking for a Ragol Ring too...

Post if you have the stuff... and just say what you would like... if i can help you I will respond back.