View Full Version : in need of some quick trades and items? POW MAT TRADES!

May 16, 2003, 06:04 PM
heres my list. these trade are ment for mostly right this second.....and i am asking only for pow mats....sorry...that means no varistas. lol

Handgun: Guld
Angel Harp--
Ruby Bullet
Guld Milla
Flame Visit
Burning Visit
Snow Queen-
Samba Maracas
M& A60 ViceX2
Red Scorpio
Guilty Light
dragon claw
TSU. j sword
lavis blades
3 easter eggs-never opened
magic water
sacred cloth
SANGE&YASHA with great % and eff.
Yasminkov 3000
Yasminkov 7000
Gi Gue Bazooka
Final Impact
BKB +80
spread needle+40 with good photon efficency and 20% hit
Inferno Bazooka
Eggblaster w/photon dark efficenty in the 95
Bringer's Rifle
Twin Psychoguns
F. Shooter
Supressed Gun
Red Mechgun X1
Red Handgun X1
Belra Cannon
Panzer Faust
Iron Faust
Dark Meteorx2
Ano Rifle
Baranz Launcher
Maser Beam
Power Maser
Guard Wave
DF Field
Luminous Field
Spirit Garment
Stink Frame
Parasite Wear:Vajulla
Sense Plate
Custom Frame ver.00
Chu Chu Fever-my armour
Brightness Circle
Aura Field
Smoking Plate
Light Relief
Shield of Delsaber
Attribute Wall
Secret Gear
Combat Gearx2
Regenerate Gear
Tripolic Shield
Standstill Shield
Safety Heart
Kasami Bracer
God/Power x4
God/Arm x4
God/Technique x4
God/Battle x4 2
God/Body x2
god abilityx1
Varaha 35 Defense 145 Power 10 Dex 8 Mind
Asparas 25 Defense 135 Power 12 Dex 28 Mind
Soniti 15 Defense 177 Power 8 Dex
Robochao 5 Defense 70 Power 123 Dex 2 Mind
Opa-Opa 16 Defense 174 Power 10 Dex--
Pian 28 Defense 138 Power 22 Dex 12 Mind
Chu Chu19 Defense 139 Power 42 Dex
Kapu Kapu 7 Defense 50 Power 143 Dex-
Dreamcast 5 Defense 195 Power--i
Panzer Tail 15 Defense 185 Mind-
Davils Tail 22 Defense 78 Power 50 Dex 50 Mind
Bhima 21 Defense 79 Power 100 Dex-
Savitri 20 Defense 146 Power 35 Dex-
Hamburger 5 Defense 95 Power 100 Dex-
u want using the JOL trick......
Cell of MAG 502
2 random satos
Cell of MAG 213
Heart of Opa Opax2
Parts of Robochao
Heart of Pian
Heart of Chao
Heart of DevilX2
heart of angel
65 Photon Drops
Parasitic Gene Flow

May 16, 2003, 11:14 PM
Can i get either lavis blades, BKB+80, or a god/battle+ god/ability(together pretty plzzzzz)?

I have 10 power mats.
I also have about 10 evade mats, 2 luck mats, 2 def(i think) and I think that's it.

I also have about +37 in grinders.
This is if you dont mind holding them for a while, whil i get my modem and HL.

May 16, 2003, 11:18 PM
I understand that you're only asking for POW materials but would you consider taking my Double Cannon off my hands for your Lavis Blades? If not then I apologize for not having any POW mats to offer. =(

May 17, 2003, 03:22 AM
i got 5 pow mats. could i get a god battle for that?

May 17, 2003, 08:44 AM
Hey can you put your items in a "for 10 power mats you can get hte following" sorta style? It's more work for you initially but it'll avoid confusion.

I'm interested in your Cure/Paralysis and Cell of MAG 502. I also have Luck Mats

May 17, 2003, 09:27 AM
I can give you all my mats and grinders for that dreamcast mag ill add in an addslot if u want