View Full Version : Big list of items for trade

Feb 17, 2001, 08:58 AM
I'm looking for an Orotiagito (silver, real) or S-beat's Blade. Here's a list of rare items I have. I don't list plus on the weapons but most of them are up at least a few points, if not max.

DB's Saber
Flowen's Sword
Dragon Slayer
Gae Bolg
Slicer of Assassin
Diska of Braveman
Double Saber
Bloody Art
M&A60 Vise
H&S25 Justice
Meteor Smash
Club of Laconium
Fire Scepter:AGNI
Storm Wand:INDRA
Photon Claw
Soul Eater
Akiko's Frying Pan
Delsaber's Buster
Guardian Armor
Divinity Armor
Ultimate Frame
Divinity Barrier
Celestial Shield
Invisible Guard
Hunter Wall

Probably will have more by the time anyone responds to this.

Feb 17, 2001, 09:01 AM
BTW, the Hunter Wall is NOT the same as the Hunter Field that was added to the list here recently. It's a shield equippable only by hunters which boosts ATP by about 50.