View Full Version : Duppers are weird!

Mar 22, 2001, 09:36 AM
I went into a room,with some girl i had just met,she asked me if i wanted items and i asked if they were dupped,she said,yea,i said then i dont want them,any way, She had no idea who i was,I could have been from sega, but that thought never came into her mind, she probly went into a game with a person from sega and asked him/her if he/she wanted items, i haven't seen her for like 2 weeks,and i think shes been killed off, but omg duppers have no sence!not only do they do something there not alowed to do but they give items to low lv'd people,i think she was just trying to get me kicked off,i dunno,any way whats up with duppers!?If this makes any sence please tell me lol.

Mar 24, 2001, 06:52 AM
i'll reply to this,
i think some (if not all dupers and sharkers)
are somewhat still in the beginning stage
themselves and haven't learned yet of the
problems caused by duping and cheating.
They try to help out others to maybe
better their reputation or relationships online.
i've met some dupers and they aren't so bad actually. i was never insulted or frustrated with any of them. they just wanted to help out a fellow pso gamer.
the disses/insults more often came from
higher leveled people who wanted to show-off their "big-nuts" too me.
please...get over it!
i say everyone has an opinion.
me? i dont care if you cheat. if it suits you, go for it! you like stealing? go ahead!
take my stuff during a trade!
but my guard is up now.
thanx alot for ruining the game for me
and countless others who feel the same!
morally its wrong, but this isnt reality.
its a game. you learn from it too.
whats that saying? "isht happens"
the moral?
"trade if you trust, bust if you must"!