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Mar 27, 2001, 09:23 PM
Today i turn on my PSO and went online like i do everyday after school and it was just thing after thing that happened to me. It has made me so mad that if i see this go on i will STOP playing this game no and ifs or buts. The first game i go into every1 is dead except for one person... you can guess what happened. One of those ppl happened to be one of my friends too which i thought didnt cheat. Next game i go into... God/HP++ hacked. For all who think God/HP++ 9002 is real LOL the real God/HP only adds 40 duh! And i always say the same thing. Why do you people play this game (cheaters, duppers, hackers whatever it doesnt matter)? This is an online rpg and all the things you are doing are taking away everything from the way this game is played. But you people still dont care.. All these cheaters are telling me this "I suck too much to play PSO so i need to cheat!" Well then dont play this game if its too hard! Stick to some PowerRangers game or something. Theres also the group of people that.. "I know how to PK and i know how to dup but i dont do it!" hmmm why the hell do u need to know anyways? And theres also the ppl "I know how to PK and i only PK people who PK me!" Well stop denying your ownself! You are doing the samething there doing! I do not know nor do i CARE to learn any of these things at all. Because it will make me such as bad as every1 else is. Theres alot of people that are on this board that swear they dont but still do. I will not mention any names. I will stop playing this game if something doesnt change quick. I just had to get this out this has ruined my whole day. I have seen since the launch of PSO (i got it at launch) this game be full of cool people and thinking its the best game ever turn into a game so full of lamers in months it makes you feel bad.

Apr 3, 2001, 09:28 PM
JJ nooooooo come back! You know im legit! http://www.pso-world.com/images/phpbb/icons/icon_wink.gif