View Full Version : Let's rock the Ruins!

Mar 31, 2001, 02:52 AM
I'm Lvl 67 FOnewm, and I've gotten there the hard way, mostly Offline. I've beaten Dark Falz in Normal and Hard modes, Offline, and that means I've the run of the Ruins in Very Hard mode Online. No Quests, no Forests, no Caves, and no Mines necessary. I'm looking for players that want to go for the best items that PSO has to offer. cheaters, GameSharkers, and dupers are not welcome. I'm looking for players that can go slow, strategize, converse a bit, and have fun! Minimum Lvl 45, but this is soft. Be forewarned, the Ruins in Very Hard mode is no cakewalk. The typical online style of play of rushing into a room and fighting without a plan will get you killed. The monsters are way worse in the Ruins/Very Hard, and we'll need to go slow to beat Dark Falz. If you are interested email me [email protected][addsig]