View Full Version : Lv. 180 mag, Delsaber, Frying pan, Doubel saber for ....

Feb 19, 2001, 05:07 PM
Im trading the following items:

my Level 180 mag
Delsaber +9
Frying Pan
Orotiagito +9
Double saber(s)
Katana Books 1,2, & 3
and more!

I am trading all of these. Just tell me what you have and i may trade

BTW: I am in search of the Mag Cell, and Durangal. So it would be great if you had one of these.

And the Orotiagito is easily the strongest weapon in the game It has maxed ststs and is a Very good weapon.

Feb 19, 2001, 07:03 PM
Cube: I'll offer you my durandal, 500,000 meseta, and some other item(s) on the following list for your Orotiagito:

DB's Saber
Blade Dance
Dragon Slayer
Photon Claw
Club of Loconium
Battle Verge
Fire Scepter AGNI
Visk 235W
Crush Bullet
Justy 235T
H&S 25 Justice
Flowen's Sword
Slicer of Assasin
Meteor Smash
Last Survivor
Parasite Wear Del Rol, 1 slot
Celestial Shield
Sacred Guard (goes in shield slot, prevents all status affects like confuse/slow/poison/etc)
Cross Cutter (sword, description is something like "leaves cross marks in victim's chest")

ICQ me at 5896613 or post your email address and I will set up a time and place to meet.


Feb 19, 2001, 07:10 PM
My Email address is [email protected]

I like the deal so throw in The Durandal, Fire Interceptor, Battle Verge, and Sacred guard and you got a deal.